Sherman's Food Adventures: Deacon's Corner Kits

Deacon's Corner Kits

It's not often that I immediately blog about a restaurant visit for the next day's post.  One particular scenario would be incredible eats that I must tell everyone about such as AnnaLena in yesterday's post.  The other reason would be something so hideous and gross that I had to tell everyone to avoid, such as today's post on Deacon's Corner (Kits location).  Yes, I'm giving you the conclusion before even the actual post, but trust me, you aren't missing much (but please read on anyways!).

Okay, the reason we were at Deacon's Corner was due to a Groupon.  Thanks goodness because if I had paid full price, I would've been even more choked.  Anyways, my son went for the Classic Cheeseburger with house-cut fries.  Well, the fries were decent but could've been crispier and less oil-logged.  As for the burger, the bun was toasted up nicely, but the meat patty was woefully dry.  Since my son doesn't eat anything green in colour, we removed themViv ate the veggies and remarked that the mayo tasted funny (more on that later).  We also got a cup of Chili which was more smoky than spicy.  In fact, it was too smoky where the rest of the flavours were hidden.  The whole thing needed salt too.

Okay, here is where things started to go downhill faster than VW stocks.  I went for the Southern Fried Chicken featuring 3 chicken breasts.  Okay, the chicken itself was decently moist, but also very bland.  The coating was plain terrible.  It was thick and doughy with a marzipan quality to it.  It didn't taste like anything and merely slid off the chicken on contact.  It was pretty gross since the inside was undercooked too.  Even the gravy was terrible tasting more like raw flour.  To top it all off, the coleslaw tasted like dirty bathwater...  Why?  Because the mayo had gone bad which validated Viv's comment.  Her Jambalaya was equally disgusting as it was a mushy mess of stuff that didn't taste anything like a jambalaya.  It was overly tart and bland.  Even the sausage was sour.  The side of "garlic" bread tasted like plain butter.

If we didn't think things could get worse, my daughter's Pan-Fried Salmon featured low-quality pink salmon that was obliterated.  It was so woefully overcooked, that it would be jealous of canned tuna.  Oh, that wasn't just it, the darn thing didn't even taste like anything.  Even the side veggies (which was cooked correctly) were drenched in enough butter for Kramer to slather himself in (the turkey episode...).  Gawd, the mash potatoes sucked too with far too much butter.  OMG.  What a #foodadventurefail!  Normally, I'm pretty fair to restaurants because there are so many variables.  But this was just an awful meal.  Did they not try their own food before they put it on the menu?  I'm glad this post is up so soon because if they continue serving this stuff, they won't last long.

The Good:
- Service was decent
- Cool decor

The Bad:
- Food is terrible
- Expensive for terrible food   

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Yes! We're Eating Vegan Again! said...

Thank you for saving me. I have been intrigued by their menu and wanted to eat there. Too many good restaurants to deliberately risk a bad meal.

LotusRapper said...

I for one hope they keep serving foods like what you received, so that they WOULD meet their own demise soon. After their first year of over-hype, DC has been sinking steadily since. I'm sure another good restaurant can fill their space easily :-)

Steve said...

In my one and only visit there, I had the worst version of southern biscuits, gravy, sausage and eggs that I have ever tasted.
I think most people would agree with you, LR, with the exception of a few surrounding restaurant owners who are probably quite happy to see that space filled by a place like DC, who presents no threat of drawing away any of their established customers.

Anonymous said...

The one in Gastown is horrible as well. Last time I was there, they couldn't even serve my beer properly. I am not into warm beers.

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