Sherman's Food Adventures: Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar

Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar

While shopping in North Van on a Saturday, we decided to stay put and grab some lunch.  Without any planned food adventure, we headed to Lonsdale Quay to see if it would inspire us.  Well, I guess we didn't get too creative because we ended up at the Cheshire Cheese Inn.  Okay, I'm not trying to slag the place, but the memories of the Kerrisdale location only brought up memories of mediocre British pub fare.  Wait, isn't that the case anywhere?  Sorry, that was just mean of me...  Well, we gave it a go for ol' times sake.

Give it to my son for picking the most interesting dish of the bunch being the Toad in a Hole.  From the name itself, we were wondering if he would even give it a chance.  That he did.  It featured 2 large lean sausages stuffed inside Yorkshire Pudding and smothered with gravy.  With me trying not to say something inappropriate, we watched him happily dig in.  The sausages were meaty and as advertised, lean while the Yorkshire pudding was a touch dense, but fluffy enough as a whole with a crispy exterior.  Thick and a bit salty, the gravy did its job.  My daughter went for the kid's Fish & Chips which was a decently sized version.  Although a bit greasy, the light tempura batter was crispy while the fish was flaky and moist.  The side of fries were solid as well being fresh-cut and lightly crispy.

For myself, I debated between several items, but ultimately went for the Lamb Curry (didn't think a burger was British enough... and curry is?).  This was a rather surprising dish as it was pretty good.  With very little filler other than some carrots, the large chunks of lamb were tender and not dried out.  As for the curry itself, it was thick and rich with only the slightest hint of spice while being a tad salty.  I wasn't a huge fan of the rice though as it was hard and dry, but then again, the ample amount of sauce solved that problem.  Finally, Viv opted for the Chicken Pot Pie which sported a flaky crust on the top.  Inside, the mildly thick and seasoned gravy enveloped chunks of veggies and fairly tender chicken. So maybe I didn't give the place enough credit.  Sure, it ain't fantastic food, but what it is, we were decently satisfied.

The Good:
- Okay portions
- Acceptable pub fare

The Bad:
- Pricey  

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