Sherman's Food Adventures: Parker Place Meat & BBQ

Parker Place Meat & BBQ

With my recent revisit(s) to HK BBQ Master (the most recent with Sean, as we ate in), it seemed like it was inevitable that I had to check out Parker Place Meat & BBQ again as well.  Since Sean was with me at the American Grille trying out their fried chicken creation as part of the Fried Chicken Challenge, I suggested we go get even more meat at Parker Place.  Shockingly, I was able to get a parking spot right away, people even stopped for us to cross the parking lot and held the door open.  What happened to Richmond?  Some alternate reality?

I decided to get the standard stuff with the most important first - Roast Pork.  Unlike the version at HK BBQ Master, the one at Parker Place employs the whole hog rather than just the belly.  As a result, dependent on which piece you get, it could be equally fatty or lean much like our order.  Hence, the meat was less succulent while at the same time being tender and moist.  It was also a tad saltier than the one from HK BBQ Master.  Another obvious difference was the crackling as it was more firmly crunchy.  As for the BBQ Pork (Char Sui), it was a fairly lean with a flavourful bark.  Again, the meat didn't suffer from the lack of fat as it was not remotely dried out.  The sweet glaze on the outside was thin, yet pretty sweet.  I would've liked to see a more aggressive char on the outside.

Completing the trifecta, I got half a BBQ Duck as well.  Featuring an attractively roasted skin, the fat was completely rendered.  The meat (including the breast) was succulent and fully penetrated by the marinade (an appealing saltiness accented by star anise).  Although not large in size in the display, once chopped up, the 1/2 duck barely fit into the styrofoam container.  For good measure, I went for half of a Soya Chicken (which was advertised at Soyed Chicken...).  The chicken was plump and large in size.  Succulent with a sweet soy flavour, the meat was tender including the breast.  I enjoyed the slightly gelatinized skin as it was flavourful from the soy poaching liquid.  All 4 items were pretty solid, but my personal preference is still HK BBQ Master (even though it is more expensive).

The Good:
- Well-executed meats
- Duck and chicken were large
- Pretty good service

The Bad:
- Good, but HK BBQ Master is better IMO  

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