Sherman's Food Adventures: Lui's Chinese

Lui's Chinese

Random eats.  Yes, as much as I'm all for food adventures, sometimes it can result in washroom adventures afterwards.  So generally, we tend to research before visiting.  However, we didn't such a thing as we headed out to Edmonds.  After checking out the available restaurant nearby, we settled on Lui's Chinese a few blocks North.  This location has been an ever-changing rotation of restaurants since I could remember.  We just hoped it wouldn't be a rotation of washroom breaks...

We ended up getting our own dishes and sharing one.  For myself, I had the Seafood Fried Noodles.  This was a huge portion with properly fried noodles that were crunchy but not greasy at all.  On top, there was just enough starch-thickened sauce to soften the middle portion of the noodles while ensuring the rest retained its texture.  There was a bevy of ingredients that were not overcooked.  JuJu went for the Scrambled Eggs and Beef on Rice that featured a silky starch-thickened sauce that was balanced.  The ample slices of beef were tenderized enough so it was easy to chew while not losing any meat texture.

Milhouse went for the Tomato & Beef on Rice which arrived looking more like a sweet & sour sauce.  Well, it had the sweet part down pat where the starch-thickened sauce was thick and as mentioned sweet.  We would've liked to see more tartness and actual natural tomato flavour that is often associated with this dish.  Predictably, the beef, just like the one in JuJu's order, was tender while having a meaty chew.  Kaiser Soze decided on the Hot & Sour Soup Noodles.  While the wonton-type noodles were chewy and cooked just right, the soup base itself was a bit out-of-balance with lots of vinegar, but not enough spice to match. 

For our shared plate, we had the Fish & Tofu Hot Pot.  This was exhibited flawless execution as the fillets of basa were moist and flaky with only a thin layer of batter.  The tofu was silky and slightly crisp on the outside.  The sauce was well-balanced and not overly salty.  As much as there were definite flaws in certain dishes, the food as a whole was decent enough to warrant another visit for dinner sometime.  Best of all, we walked out as healthy as we walked in.  Random food adventure was fairly successful.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Decent value

The Bad:
- Some flavours could be more balanced 
- We didn't like the frosted glass, was kinda dark inside 

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