Sherman's Food Adventures: Feast Buffet

Feast Buffet

Expectations.  That is the key word that may bring more satisfaction to ones' life.  For instance, if you were to watch a Youtube video of traffic in Taipei, then you would be pleasantly surprised at the comparatively relaxing drive down #3 Road in Richmond.  Or how about hoping for a loser point in OT for the Canucks?  Oh a good one would be the fire sale due to another failed American retail store in the GVRD?  You see, it is really all about expectations.  Hence, we went in with no expectations when we visited Feast, yet another Asian buffet in the Seattle area.

Being a brand new building built for the purposes of the buffet, the place is massive with a fairly orderly layout with divided rooms.  As much as there were many similarities between Feast and the rest of the buffets in town, if one looked closely there was more than met the eye (no, there weren't any Decepticons).  Focusing on the usual, we found the fairly large Sushi Bar consisting of various rolls, nigiri and sashimi (even at lunch).  Nothing was particularly awesome, but the stuff held its own with chewy rice (a touch dry) and acceptable quality ingredients.  Right next door to this was the grill station that churned out Japanese teriyaki and skewers.

Usually, the lunch seating for a buffet would see the Carvery Station to be quite bare or not in action at all.  Not here.  There was a selection that included Roast Beef, Ham, BBQ Ribs and Sausage.  With a large fat cap, the roast beef was actually rather tender and somewhat juicy.  I didn't go for the ham nor sausage, but the ribs were okay being fall-off-the-bone tender.  It was doused in too much sweet and vinegary BBQ sauce though.  While I was loading up on meat, Costanza was waiting for his made-to-order Brisket Noodles.  With choice of noodles, soup and ingredients, the Noodle Bar was rather popular.  In fact, he was pretty impressed with the final product as the noodles were chewy and the brisket was tender.

Of course we couldn't ignore the Chinese Food right?  Well, we could've, but I had to try it anyways.  On the plate was Sesame Chicken, Beef & Broccoli.  Right next door was the Seafood section that included Crayfish, Clams, Salmon, Blue Crab and Shrimp.  I've never been a huge fan of crayfish due to the lack of meat (I only had 3).  The clams were good though being plump and cooked just right.  There wasn't a whole lot of seasoning though.  The crab was pretty small and the amount of meat was a bit mushy.  Fried pretty aggressively  the shrimp were a bit dry, but salted enough. 

Now all of this food was pretty decent, especially for a buffet, but the most impressive part was in the center of the place being the Desserts.  As if both soft and hard ice cream with a selection of cakes and pastries weren't enough, there was freshly made Cotton Candy, a fresh Crepe station and Shaved Ice with all the toppings.  They even had made-to-order Bubble Waffles. Oh, and of course there was the obligatory Chocolate Fountain and some weird "scrap your own chocolate pole" (think shawarma-style).  So as much as Constanza had reservations about heading to a buffet for lunch, we came away satisfied based on realistic expectations.

The Good:
- Huge selection
- Decent eats for a buffet
- Lots of seating

The Bad:
- Dinner is pricey
- Dim Sum station is not refilled adequately 


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