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LA Chicken

With the limited Fried Chicken options within the GVRD, it is really not that difficult to stand out.  As much as I personally like Church's Fried Chicken, there is one place that surpasses it in every way.  Yes, it is the infamous L.A. Chicken situated in a former location Lee's.  Converted to L.A. Chicken, there is some influence from the previous tennant.  However, better in almost every way in my opinion.  Since I was in Richmond one day, it seemed like as good of a reason to do a revisit.

Littered with deleted items, the old Lee's Chicken menu has been whittled down to original, spicy, fries and fried apple pie.  As such, I went for their 6 piece special split into half Original and half Spicy with fries. Encased in seasoned batter, the chicken definitely tastes more complex than the merely salty one found at Church's.  However, similar to Church's the brined meat affords juiciness and succulence.  As for the spicy, there is some heat, but for me at least, a little more balanced than Church's (which can range from flaming hot to a bit weak depending on the piece of chicken to the location).  Not much to say about the fries other than good job on the McCain frozen variety.

One cannot leave without the Gravy (much like Lee's) where there is a noticeable pepperiness.  The viscosity is silky without being too starchy nor too thick.  As mentioned there is a pepperiness that is not inferred with sisignificantly by too much salt.  Perfect for the fries and of course the chicken.  It's kinda ironic that I just helped judge the Fried Chicken Challenge, where Chewie's was a worthy winner.  Yet, L.A. Chicken should be in the discussion as well.  But then again, I'm pretty sure the owners are not the type to participate in such a competition.

The Good:
- Juicy, flavourful chicken with a crunchy exterior (what's not to like?)
- Simple menu, does one thing and does it right

The Bad:
- Kinda pricey for this type of establishment
- Prepare for a wait during peak tims   

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Unknown said...

Actually, LA Chicken is more reasonable than Churchs. 20 pieces for ~ 30 bucks.

Church's is substantially more expensive per piece in my memory. Checking their recent menu it ranges from 24-30 bucks if you go dark meat/mix/white. Many times LA will throw in an extra piece to make it 21 pieces for 30 bucks ... and there's usually a coupon they give every time.

I'd rather go LA Chicken 6 ways to Sunday ... but Church's is much closer to me and some locations are actually 24/7 (Surrey King George comes to mind ... ) so ...

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