Sherman's Food Adventures: Bubble Waffle Cafe (Crystal Mall)

Bubble Waffle Cafe (Crystal Mall)

While in the midst of purchasing an online coupon, I inadvertently discovered something I had purchased a few months ago.  I totally forgot out it, much like the rules of the road in Richmond.  Similar to found money in a jean pocket, the coupon was for Bubble Waffle Cafe in Crystal Mall.  Okay, yes it was a bonus, yet at the same time a curse...  Crystal Mall (said a la Newman in Seinfeld), my nemesis when it comes to parking lots...  Oh well, anything for food right?

We ended up getting one of their Build-Your-Own-Noodles with the Original Fish Soup with lai fun, sliced beef and fish tofu.  In addition to this, there was Napa cabbage, fried bean curd stick and cilantro.  This was serviceable with a mild-tasting broth that had only the slightest essence of fish.  We found the noodles were a bit overdone and continued to degrade in the hot soup.  There was a meager amount of thinly sliced beef which was supplemented by 3 triangles of fish tofu.  On the side, we got the Rice Noodle Rolls with fish balls and fish sui mai.  This was actually decent with buttery, yet firm noodles that were sauced by an obscene amount of hoisin.  The fish balls were light and buttery with a slight rebound texture.

Of course we had to the an Original Bubble Waffle for the kiddies and they devoured it as an appetizer rather than leaving it for dessert.  The outside was firmly crisp while the inside was appealingly chewy.  The whole thing was aromatic and only purposefully sweet. Being a food stall, we weren't expecting too much, but the soup noodle was a bit disappointing.  I think the one in Aberdeen is better in this regard.  However, their famed bubble waffle was great as usual.

The Good:
- Decent value
- Solid bubble waffles

The Bad:
- Other than the waffles, other eats are average

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