Sherman's Food Adventures: Guildford Station Pub

Guildford Station Pub

After an eventful and fun visit to La Charcuterie last week, Miss Y and Kc joined me again for some eats today. Boss Z and Lady Mustang also tagged along for this food adventure. We weren't going to travel all the way to Port Kells or Cloverdale this time for food; rather we only made it out to Guildford. The destination: Guildford Station Pub. Okay, before you make any assumptions or judgements, pub food can be really good! And in the case of Guildford Station, that seems to be the norm according to many Internet reviews.

At least from the outside, the pub looks quite inviting and clean. Inside, it is not different. This is a nice pub! I got pretty excited looking over the menu (yes, my life revolves around food). It appeared that other than the steaks, there was practically nothing over $9.00. That's the kind of pricing I like! In fact, the specials of the day were very well priced, especially the BBQ Ribs with coleslaw and roasted potatoes. With a beverage order, the ribs would only set you back $6.95! Although it was not a huge rack of side ribs (looked like it was cut vertically in half), it was more than enough for lunch. The ribs were tender without being mushy and the BBQ sauce was not Kraft-like (Kraft is generally very tart and vinegary without much in the way of smokiness).

I also ordered the Pacific Clam Chowder hoping to erase the paper mache version I got at Fresgo Inn. I must say this chowder was like a good Psychiatrist; it made me think happy thoughts. Although it wasn't exactly that thick, the chowder was still creamy with plenty of seafood flavour. I had to do a double take as to where I was eating this - a pub! Lady Mustang had the chowder too and she had quite the same reaction after her first spoonful. Despite a reputation of having good beef burgers, Boss Z goes ahead and orders a veggie burger??? She's not even a vegetarian! Well, regardless of that, she enjoyed her burger and yam fries.

Miss Y opted for the 2 piece Fish & Chips. I can never understand how she stays so thin. She really does eat the crappiest food sometimes. While I take a pass on the Krispy Kremes, she goes ahead and eats 4. I hate her and her metabolism. Anyways, the batter for the fish was probably the issue we had with the food. It was very thick and doughy. A definitely sub-par fried fish. I would stay away from this or any of the battered seafood items on the menu. Overall, we were quite satisfied with our visit to Guildford Station. It seems to have the winning formula of good eats, cheap prices, great ambiance and in this case - booze.

The Good:
- Prices are really good
- Most of the food is surprisingly good
- Really nice pub; clean and inviting

The Bad:
- Tables are a bit small
- Stay away from battered items

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