Sherman's Food Adventures: Snak Shak

Snak Shak

As mentioned, I am literally running out of dining options in North Delta. Yes, it is true there are some restaurants left; but some do not open for lunch and some frankly scare me. The only option is to drive into Surrey in search for food. Problem is, I don't really have that much time. Solution - eat at places that you can order, eat and leave within 15 minutes. No, I'm not talking about McDonald's, I can eat that anywhere. The place I'm talking about is the Snak Shak. Mind you, the place is neither a shack or serves snacks. It actually serves burgers, sandwiches, lemongrass chicken, teriyaki chicken, wonton soup and breakfast.

Wait a minute, isn't that Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese mixed in with diner food??? Yes, this place is indeed interesting. I actually visited it a few days earlier and had the Wor Wonton Soup. Don't laugh, it wasn't bad! Yes, the soup base had hints of bouillon and the wontons would never be confused with real Chinese wontons; but the entire bowl of food was pleasant to eat. If you've ever tried the wonton soup at Cactus Club, this one at the Snak Shak is better and cheaper. If you look at the picture, there is an abundance of noodles, prawns, BBQ pork, carrots, broccoli and wontons. It was a satisfying and relatively healthy meal.

Today, I returned to try their "best in town" burgers. I'm pretty sure that there are better burgers to be had in Surrey; but this one was pretty solid. I had the Combo Burger and fries, which included cheese, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onion, pickle, lettuce and tomato. Despite the burger patty being the premade type, it was juicy and was well seasoned. The toppings were outstanding. The bacon was crispy and the mushrooms were plentiful. Again, the fries were the premade type, but they were fried up perfectly crispy and coated with seasoning salt.

The Snak Shak is indeed an odd place; however, it's a good place to grab some lunch. It may not be gourmet of anything; yet, this is not what you should expect. What is expected are good portions, decent food and low prices. Moreover, the people who run the place are very nice and take time to chat with their customers. It's a shame that not more places are like that.

The Good:
- Good portions
- Good prices
- Great service

The Bad:
- Food is not authentic (but who really cares here?)

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Anonymous said...

Been there twice now and indeed, interesting food diversity. Really enjoyed the huge burgers and fries. The Asian dishes were very good too.

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