Sherman's Food Adventures: Greek Day

Greek Day

I had originally tweaked my ankle during floor hockey on Saturday, so Sunday morning ice hockey seemed in doubt. However, finding a sub was going to be difficult since Sunday was Father's Day. I decided to tough it out with some Advil and pain tolerance. It turned out to be a really good game and afterwords, I was famished. We decided yesterday on attending Greek Day along West Broadway on Father's Day. So we loaded up the kids and headed down there with my parents. Finding parking was a challenge since most of the streets were for resident parking only. Fortunately we didn't take too long to find one and it was only 4 blocks away. Bad planning on our part, we didn't have any cash, so I had to go find an ATM. I spotted Great Western Bank and upon getting to the front door, it stated they didn't have an ATM yet. Seriously, what bank doesn't have an ATM??? I trekked a bit further past Blenheim almost to the Eatery, to the TD Canada Trust.

Money in hand, I was ready to acquire some tasty Greek food. However, there were massive lineups 20 people deep at practically every food stand. I hate lineups. I decided to pick the shortest lineup; but this particular food stand mostly sold desserts. Whatever, I was hungry, I really could care less. I ended up getting Spanakopita, Baklava and 2 slices of the Galaktobouriko. I passed the Spanakopita to Viv and ended up eating most of the sweets myself. I did give one of the 2 Galaktobouriko to my mom. I really enjoyed eating the Galaktobouriko. The combination of fluffy egg and lemon zest made the dessert light tasting. I really liked the crunchy filo as a contrast to the egg. Viv didn't really want anything to do with the Baklava since it is typically very sweet. I ended up forcing her to eat a bit of it. I didn't get anything else because the lineups were so long. Although I really wanted to get some Loukoumades for my kids; but then it started to rain. Not wanting to be drenched, we high-tailed it back to the car. Although Greek Day was a short visit, it was good to get out and walk around. It's nice to see that Vancouver isn't totally devoid of special events (there really should be more though).


shokutsu said...

I was there around mid-day, 12:30~13:00-ish, and the lines at the food booths were pretty slim. Really easy to pay and get your food (souvlaki included) instantly. You must have come later in the afternoon?

Sherman Chan said...

Hi shokutsu! Yes, I was pretty much there around 2:00pm until 3:30pm. Lineups were pretty long and the whole street was pretty crowded. It was still fun.

KimHo said...

Don't worry if you did not get your Greek food fix. There is still the Greek Summer Fest this weekend (to next week's weekend). Check here for details. As for myself, I missed this event on purpose as I was planning to go to this other one instead, not to mention I had the hunch it would be packed and knew the weather was going to be iffy. I ended up going to another festival, though. Check my Friday's post! (Shameless plug! ^_^).

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Kim, Yes I went to the one on Boundary Rd 2 years ago. It's a bit smaller, but food is much easier to get!

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