Sherman's Food Adventures: Sundowner Pub

Sundowner Pub

Alright, I normally do not eat a lot of burgers to begin with. It's not that I don't like burgers, I actually love burgers. But, I need to at least attempt to eat a bit healthier, despite the fact I'm really not doing so. So what do you think my reaction was today when my colleagues decided on the Sundowner Pub's Toonie Burger day? Well, I did offer up a bit of a resistance, suggesting we eat at Porto Fino Express instead. Alas, my half-hearted attempt failed and I found myself munching on the complimentary buttered popcorn at the Sundowner. Trying very hard to not have the burger, I was enticed by the $2.00 price tag (you must order a drink though). I folded like a cheap lawn chair and not only ordered the burger; but also a plate of hot wings. Was it guilt that I only ordered a $2.00 item or was it that I wanted more greasy food? Whatever it was, I continued munching on the buttered popcorn.

The hot wings were pretty good. There was just the right amount of hot sauce coating the wings. Wings were crunchy on the outside and fairly tender on the inside. However, I think the ones from the one20 were better in terms of size, price and execution. So to temper my guilt, I chose a green salad instead of the fries. *GASP*!!!! Salad!?!?! Yes, the guilt was so overbearing, I had to forgo one of my favourite food items for rabbit food. In terms of the burger itself, it was your standard frozen beef patty on a bun. Nothing much to look at and to eat for that matter. It also had this multicolour thing going on with it too. But hey, it's $2.00. MN had the Beef Dip again, she had it at Sammy J's just last week. Well, unlike Sammy J's, this one had real roast beef in it and it was pretty decent. I still can't believe a chain such as Sammy J's used cold cut roast beef.

I offered to pick up the tab for the 3 of us and it really didn't cost me much since LG also ordered the $2.00 burger. Service was a bit slow since there was only one server for the whole place. However, she was friendly and as efficient as she could possibly be. Overall, the food was what I expected - standard pub food. I think the one20 has better food and more servers for approximately the same price. Unless I only have spare change and really needed to take advantage of the $2.00 burger; I'd go to the one20.

The Good:
- Inexpensive, especially with their daily specials

The Bad:
- Lack of servers
- Food is just okay
- Outside needs a makeover

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KimHo said...

Repeat after me: "it is only a toonie, it is only a toonie". XD

Sherman Chan said...

LOL Kim. Yes only loose change...

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