Sherman's Food Adventures: Bon's Off Broadway

Bon's Off Broadway

When dining at the Golden Phoenix last week, I was eying Bon's Off Broadway. I haven't been to Bon's in quite awhile and I was wanting to have their $2.95 all-day breakfast. Yes, that's right, for the price of a used Milli Vanilli cassette, you can dine on 2 eggs, 2 slices of toast, hash browns and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham. Of course, for that price, it comes with some compromises. Bon's is a dive. Yes, even Guy Fieri would be proud of this place with it's 1970's decor, mismatched chairs and random pop culture posters.

After a fun gymnastics session at preschool, my son and I made our way to Bon's. It's almost ironic since my dad took me to Bon's when I was in preschool (we only lived a couple of blocks away then). Despite arriving well after lunch, the place was bustling with activity. We seated ourselves and waited for service. We waited and waited some more. Yes, for these prices, you have to make exceptions. However, when we did get service, it was friendly and very efficient. Naturally, I got the $2.95 breakfast and also added the soup of the day, which was Beef Noodle. My son got 2 pancakes, which incidentally cost as much as my breakfast. Let's just say that if you want pancakes, go to IHOP or something like that. The pancakes here did their best impression of a rubber mat. Luckily for me, I just doused it with an obscene amount of syrup and my son was more than content. He was also content on dipping the sausages I gave him into the syrup as well. I think he'd make Will Ferrell proud, just like in the movie Elf - syrup on everything.

As for my breakfast, for $2.95, it was fabulous. Everything looked and tasted like it should be. Moreover, I actually like the hash browns at Bon's. They are simply sliced boiled potatoes that have been pan fried. If you look at the picture, I got 3 split sausages. That is pretty impressive for a $2.95 breakfast. As for my soup of the day, it was nothing special, just leftover beef that was made into soup. But for $1.95, it was a good deal. In fact, most of the food at Bon's is well priced. For what you pay, you will get standard diner-type food. As for the breakfast, I doubt you'd find a better deal than Bon's.

The Good:
- Inexpensive, all you need is some loose change
- It's got that "good" dive quality to it
- Good portions

The Bad:
- Although the service is friendly, it's very sparse
- Some of the food is really quite average

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Jessica604 said...

You have a baby Will Ferrel on your hands! Auuugh! lol

Gotta love Bon's. I always feel a little wierd when tipping there though - they're friendly but not always timely. Love going there after a weekend hike.

Anson said...

GREASE alert!

Good value, but the oil and fat and cholesterol ruined my entire day. Despite this, I think people have to come visit here at least once in their life.

I would add caution to those with heart problems. :)

KimHo said...

I have meant to go there for quite some time already but there always something comes up.... :(

Anson, oily, fatty food? Hey, nobody said it would be healthy eats!

Sherman Chan said...

Yes Jessica, I have a baby elf on my hands here! Yah, the service is almost non-existent, but i guess what do we expect eh?

It's a greasy breakfast, healthy eats it's not. Kim has got it right, what 2 egg breaky with meat, hashbrowns and toast could possibly be healthy... But it's good once in awhile...

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