Sherman's Food Adventures: Boot and Sombrero

Boot and Sombrero

I didn't think it would actually happen; but I am literally running out of places to eat in North Delta. So, I took full advantage of the fact I was in Ladner for a meeting. One restaurant that I've been meaning to try is the Boot and Sombrero. It seems to have a pretty good satisfaction rating on Urbanspoon. It's situated in what used to be Uncle Herbert's Fish & Chips. The building itself is divided like an old house and consequently, the dining space is separated into several rooms. Mind you, on a nice day like today, it creates quite a contrast in light within the restaurant because you have the front 2 rooms with an abundance of sunshine and the back room with no light at all (no windows back there).

The Boot and Sombrero is a Tex-Mex restaurant that serves up BBQ'd items and Mexican favourites such as tacos and fajitas. It's located in the heart of historic Ladner Village. In fact, it's right next to the Delta Museum. If you ever have a chance to make it down here, it's definitely a nice place to take a walking tour.

There were several lunch specials available; but I went for the pulled pork dinner instead. Yes, I am eating pork again. Okay, I promise to stop eating pork for the next week, maybe... I had high hopes heading into this meal and usually that is not a good thing. Arriving on a pretty large plate was the pulled pork, sauteed string beans, a jicama slaw, curly fries and cornbread. The pulled pork was more like crumbled pork. It was tender, but quite dry. Moreover, the BBQ sauce seemed to taste like Kraft mixed with some spices. It was more tangy than smoky (like Bull's Eye). I did like some of the sides though. The beans were cooked all the way through; yet still had some crunch. The fries were crispy and the cornbread had a bit of crunch and spice from cayenne. However, the jicama slaw was a bit bland.

I'm a bit torn in regards to the food. I didn't hate it; but I didn't really like it either. The service was excellent and the atmosphere was quaint and relaxing. I can definitely see why people would like this place. But, I'm really in BBQ food and the sauce is usually what makes or breaks a restaurant. For me personally, I didn't like the sauce. This would be a problem since all their meat products would be smothered in it.

The Good:
- Quaint location
- Excellent service
- Decent value

The Bad:
- BBQ sauce is quite generic tasting
- From what I had (which was only one dish), the food was average

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KimHo said...

Eating too much pork?! There is nothing wrong with that! Eating too much chicken, now that is something you can easily complain! Hmmmm.... Bacon...

I am making an odd derivation from your sauce statement. Depending on the BBQ itself, there might not be a need of sauce. However, if they rely a bit too much on it, well, there is something wrong.

Sherman Chan said...

You have a point Kim, I forgot. Some BBQ that I like doesn't even have sauce, it's more of the marinade or rub. Memphis Blues is kind of like this, where the BBQ sauce is on the side for the brisket, ribs and rib tips. However, I think this place does rely on the sauce and I do not like Kraft tasting BBQ sauces. But I'm sure some people do, so it's only my opinion I guess.

Jessica604 said...

I agree with KimHo, there is no such thing as eating too much pork. :) Bacon, pork chops, ribs, here I come!

Know of any good, quick, and cheap places to eat around Oakridge?

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Jessica,

There's Samurai Sushi and Tony's Noodle House a block away. I'm eating pork today... hehe...

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