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Splitz Grill

Fresh off a relatively disappointing visit to Wally's out in Cates Park, I really needed a good burger. It was Monday again and the softball team was quite hungry after another win. We milled around for a bit deciding where to eat. Somebody suggested E Bei Sushi, but most of us were not really in the AYCE Japanese mood. We considered Richmond since we were out in Oakridge; but that didn't get much support either. I finally piped up and suggested we go to Splitz Grill for some burgers. Most people seemed okay with the idea, so we headed over to Main Street for the 2nd straight week. In fact, we were going to be only a few stores down from last week's choice - Grub. Despite the proximity of Splitz Grill in relation to Grub, we were still a bit worried about Miss Y. Last time, she almost didn't make it, luckily Milhouse provided his GPS skills.

So what makes a burger worth $6.00 or more on it's own? Well, first of all, the meat should be high quality and fresh. Moreover, different choices of meat such as lamb and bison help. The freshness and large selection of toppings are very important as well. On the surface, it seems that Splitz Grill has this all covered. I decided on the 1/3 pound Splitz Burger with cheese. I actually added pancetta bacon and Splitz-Sized it once I found out Miss Y was paying. Too bad they didn't have a lobster burger, I would've milked this for all it was worth.

I was quite impressed with all the fresh toppings and condiments that where available. Mind you, the toppings and condiments are not available for you to choose until after you order your burger and they call you up. There are some really cool dressings including Baba Ghanoush and Roasted Garlic Mayo. You can ask for some of these on the side for your fries as well for no extra charge! I now need to give Judes all the credit for this discovery because she was munching on her fries when I noticed the mayo dip she was using. In terms of my burger, it was a bit hard to eat because I had chosen quite a few toppings; but once I got a bite into my mouth it was not bad. As I kept eating it, I noticed that the meat wasn't as juicy as I would have hoped. It was a solid burger no doubt; but it wasn't outstanding. Most of the other people concurred. Even Judes' Chicken Burger and Bear's Lamb Burger were dry.

The sides such as the fries and onion rings were decent, being crispy and all. Miss Y had the milkshake and you guessed it, it was decent, but she's had better (like Hamburger Mary's). I think you get the theme here, it's decent food; but it won't wow you. For the price we paid, we probably got our money's worth; but nothing exceptional. On a personal level, I much prefer the burgers at Vera's, Moderne and Burger Heaven.

The Good:
- Quality ingredients that are fresh
- Good selection of toppings and condiments
- It's a decent burger

The Bad:
- Meat(s) were a bit dry

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I Love Food Blog said...

Great review. I've been meaning to try this place...from I've read/heard, it seems like the Whistler location is better. Not sure if that's true as I haven't tried either yet.

Anson said...

Hey Sherman,

I went to try Splitz Grill today. Agreed. DRY DRY DRY.

Oil was old and made my fries all dark browny.

I also have to question the hygiene. The guy behind the ingredients had no gloves and he was touching food, burger, fries, equipment, and then came close to wiping his hands on his pants.

Then I eat the burger and there's a piece of bone in it. :P For that price, I have to give a thumbs down to Splitz Grill.

Sherman Chan said...

Yup Anson, I was wondering why it was so dry. I guess lean meat is healthier; but when I go for a burger, I want juicy!

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