Sherman's Food Adventures: Dolce Amore

Dolce Amore

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out what happened to Dolce Amore. Well, I could plainly see Dolce Amore on the same corner across from Norman's. But what happened to the gelato? Finally, I got a chance to stop and actually take a look. In a non-descript building right next to the restaurant was the good ol' gelato shop. Fine, I must've not seen it the countless times I drove by or I just didn't pay attention to Viv. It appears she's told me on a few occasions. I guess I have selective hearing. So after a great dinner at Chambar, whipping girl and I went to get some dessert. We had our hearts set on the Drive (Commerical) and we set out to find Dolce Amore gelato. This time I didn't have to pull the "turn into a lane and reverse out in the opposite direction" to park in the few spots available. In fact, I saw a space that someone was trying that maneuver on, but I was already facing the right direction. Guess who got the parking spot?

As usual, there was a lineup; but that gave me more than enough time to snap photos and ponder what I was going to order. Whipping girl decided on 2 scoops in a cup. I wanted the large 3 scoops in a cup. This was a decision I would learn to regret. I went for the Limocello and Green Apple sorbetto and the Cheesecake Gelato. While the server was scooping the sorbetto, I knew it was going to be next to impossible for me to finish it. I swear the portion size of my 3 scoop cup was at least 3 times bigger than that of Amato, La Casa, Mondo, Cumpari's and Vivo. I don't even remember it being that big before they moved the store over. Look at the picture! The cup is even the large cup already and it's overflowing! Best of all, it only cost $5.50!

Of course, quantity is one thing, we also have to talk about the quality. First of all, both gelato and sorbetto were bursting with flavour. The sorbettos were tart and sweet, truly refreshing on a warm day. Texture-wise, they were not icy. The cheesecake gelato was very smooth and had plenty of cream cheese flavour. I ended up only finishing 2 of the 3 scoops which was honestly an achievement in itself. Whipping girl finished 1 of 2 scoops. My advice is to get one scoop less than you actually wanted. I really liked the gelato at Dolce Amore, as much as I like Vivo. However, the portion size (combined with quality) at Dolce Amore is hard to beat.

The Good:
- Huge scoops!
- Moderately priced
- Good quality gelato and sorbetto

The Bad:
- Not a lot of places to sit
- Lack of parking in the area

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KimHo said...

Not sure if the "Not a lot of places to sit" is necessarily a bad thing, unless you want to take a break, as otherwise, I am sure you might want to walk to the nearby Grandview Park, hehehehehe.

I can't help to ask this: aprox. how many flavours they have?

Sherman Chan said...

I think approximately 40? flavours. It's not a huge selection, but again, I feel that you can control the quality better that way.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps getting a 3 scoop and sharing would be smarter. Mmmmm how did the limocello taste like?

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Kevin, it was quite tart. But I like tart. Not sure if everyone would like it though.

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