Sherman's Food Adventures: Flying Wedge

Flying Wedge

Got a google message today from Rich Guy. He wondered if I could drop by his place and check it out since he was out of town. Well, since I took multiple joyrides in his M3 the last time I looked after his place, I felt that I owed him that much. So on my way over, I stopped at a place I've not visited in quite some time - Flying Wedge Pizza. After reading Kim's (I'm Only Here for the Food!) post about Flying Wedge, it gave me the munchies. I've always enjoyed Flying Wedge pizza. Just like their mission statement, they use fresh ingredients and take care in making their gourmet pizzas. One slice will set you back $3.49, which is not exactly cheap. Usually, one slice is enough to satisfy my appetite. Well, not really, but it's enough to keep me from starving (which apparently rarely happens).

I ended up going for one of my favourites, the Meat Master Blaster Pizza. If you look at the slice, they certainly do not skimp on the toppings. There was a generous helping of pepperoni, ham, salami, Italian sausage, mushroom and crumbled beef nestled within a cheese blend on top of a herb crust. The crust itself is a good combination of crispy and soft without being oily. I also decided to get a slice of Tropical Pig for Viv. I got to tell you, the slice was heavy in the takeout box. No shortage of ham, pineapple and cheese. Honestly, there will be detractors who will point out that Flying Wedge is a chain store and it's expensive. That is true, but it started out as one store and I liked it then, and I still like it now. Only issue is that with so many pizza slice stores around that charge a lot less, Flying Wedge is comparatively overpriced. However, the bottom line is that they make good pizza if you are willing to pay for it.

The Good:
- Many different types of pizza to choose from by the slice
- Excellent crust
- Fresh ingredients

The Bad:
- Some people will find it pricey compared to other pizza slice joints

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holly said...

Yes, they do make pretty good pizza except their prices are higher than others. Also, since it sits around more, it usually isn't as fresh as the other places.

My favourite is still Uncle Fatih's for fresh, hot and cheap pizza.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Holly, ditto on Uncle Fatih's. My favourite is the ground beef with blue cheese dressing.

KimHo said...

I agree on most of what you mentioned, except my reason why I do not like Flying Wedges: the darn heavy dough! Heck, if you fit that dough into a pie pan, add more sauce/cheese/filling, that would easily be a Chicago style pizza! (Which, according to purists, is a pie, not a pizza. I digress...). If they would make one with a thinner crust, I would like them a bit more. In the meantime, it is 2001 Flavors for me.

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