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It's Wednesday today. Do you know what that means? Whopper Wednesday? Wing Wednesday? Miss Y getting lost (wait, that's everyday!)? Yes, the aforementioned are all true; but it's also all-you-can-eat ribs at Montana's! Okay, I know, the ribs at Montana's are not the slow-roasted Southern style such as Memphis Blues. But honestly, I personally prefer the ones from Montana's. Granted, most of the other food at Memphis Blues would put Montana's to shame. With that being said, there are not many places that offer AYCE ribs, especially at the same cost as the regular menu. AYCE baby backs go for $25.99 and AYCE side ribs cost $23.99 (they both include one side and corn bread).

We rounded up the whole family including the grandparents and headed over to the Montana's out at Coquitlam Centre. We went pretty early because it gets really busy on AYCE night. I was able to score a rare window seat; but due to the time of day, the light was harsh and coming in through blinds. How do I work under these conditions??? Soon, you'll see me with a full-fledged photographer's kit. I'm sure that'll be discreet at a restaurant! We decided to share a plate of Nachos with Sirloin Beef to start. Surprisingly, the nachos were both plentiful and quite good. The tortilla chips were crispy thin and the beef was moist. Moreover, the whole dish was not really all that oily either.

I've had the AYCE ribs many times before; but this time, the rack of ribs were especially meaty. I was wondering if I could actually eat more than the first dish! The ribs at Montana's are exactly how I prepare them at home. They are precooked first, then BBQ'd on the grill and finished off with sauce (Apple Butter, Texas Bold or Honey Garlic). To the Southern traditionalists, this could be sacrilegious; but again, I like them this way. I was able to finish off the whole rack and subsequently ordered another half rack. Honestly, I struggled through the second order, the ribs were extremely meaty and moist.

Mom and Dad decided to share the Fire-Grilled Mushroom Chicken which is a featured promotional item. Currently there is a promotion for the summer (2009) where if you order one of six selected dishes, you get a coupon for a free entree on your next visit (you need to be in a party of 5 or more though). Surprisingly, the dish was pretty good. Chicken was moist and sauce was full of mushroom flavour. I say it was surprising because other than the ribs, most of dishes at Montana's are mediocre. This is a perfect segue to Viv's dish, the Chipotle Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Although Viv enjoyed the spicy sandwich, it's one of those dishes that epitomizes average chain restaurant food - it's boring. That's why I actually don't mind some of Cactus Club's Feenie-created dishes because they are different and unique; albeit pricey.

On the topic of pricey, Montana's is not exactly a cheap night out. Although Montana's is in a genre all by itself, their price points compete directly with Cactus Club, Joey's, Earl's and Milestone's. Consequently, if BBQ food and generic dishes are not your thing, it's best you move along. However, if you do like this type of food and you want a kid-friendly environment, it's not a bad choice.

The Good:
- Family and kid-friendly
- Ribs are quite good, if you like the precooked kind
- A wide range of middle-of-the-road food

The Bad:
- It ain't cheap
- A wide range of middle-of-the-road food

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