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Harmony Donuts

The donut; such a simple food. What is the allure of this fried life saver (oxymoron)? Well, a long time ago, Rich Guy and I went to great lengths to acquire donuts. When we didn't have Krispy Kremes up here in the GVRD, we would drive all the way down to Burlington, WA to get some. In fact, we'd take orders from our friends and bring up over a dozen boxes at a time. The border guards were rather confused when all we declared were some glazed and jelly-filled donuts. I'm surprised we didn't get searched more often. Imagine 2 guys driving up after only gone for around 2 hours with a car full of donuts! Fortunately, we didn't have to travel very far to get some tasty donuts after our meal at Browns. In fact, Harmony Donuts is only up 10 blocks on Lonsdale at 29th. I have to give credit to Vandelay for this one. If he hadn't suggested the place, there is really not much chance I'd notice it. Located right next to the Starbucks, Harmony looks more like an old school card collector's shop than a donut store. Actually, it's a deli as well; but if you call a couple of baked goods and a whole cold turkey a deli, it wasn't much of one.

Once we walked into the place, we were transported back into time. No, I didn't suddenly have my mullet back; rather, it was packed with memorabilia such as old books, hot wheels, figurines and even a nice Pepsi-Cola clock. If you think 40-Year Old Virgin, but a bit less high tech, you will get the idea. In terms of the donuts, they are also quite old school. They are very similar to Top Pot Donuts out of Seattle, being fried until crunchy with many different flavour combinations. However, they are quite a bit smaller than those at Top Pot. One donut will run you $1.00, 1/2 dozen at $4.50 and a dozen for $8.00.

If you prefer the Krispy Kreme type of donuts, then Harmony may not be for you. But despite looking heavy, the donuts here are actually quite light. Despite the generous amount of glaze and toppings, the donuts aren't really overly sweet. This is definitely a little gem in North Van. You wouldn't expect such good donuts from an eclectic place such as Harmony.

The Good:
- Great tasting and relatively light donuts
- Very unique place

The Bad:
- Slightly pricey for smallish donuts
- Not sure of the deli part

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holly said...

Funny, about the drive to WA just for the krispy cremes. I have to admit I did that a couple of times before they came to Canada and then I OD'd on them. Never I again I swore.

I just tried the Top Pot ones in Seattle and I wish I had the foresight to bring some home. I was really surprised by the funky and modern decor at Top Pot as I probably expected something more along the Harmony atmosphere. Now I'll have to make a trip to Harmony to compare.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Holly, funny how I do not go for Krisy Kremes anymore even though I work only 5 minutes away from it in North Delta! I believe Top Pot is a bit better value for the price; but Harmony is still pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Which are better, Harmony or Lee's? I tried your recommendation on Lee's and can't get enough of them. I go to Granville Island every weekend to get my fix.

Sherman Chan said...

That is a very good question... I like them both, they are not quite the same really. Lee's is a better value though.

KatRau said...

Growing up in North Vancouver, Harmony Donuts became one of the tastes of my childhood and, unfortunately for me, set my expectations very high for what cake donuts SHOULD taste like. Once you've become accustomed to Harmony's light, fresh cake, crunchy edges, and toppings with bold flavours, no big chain's stodge-rings will satisfy(I'm talking to you, Timmy Ho.) I remain mystified at the appeal of Krispy Cremes, which seem like empty, sweet grease bags, but to each his own.
BEST BET: lemon or orange frosting with sprinkles!!!

Sherman Chan said...

Well said KatRau! I'm not even sure why I liked Krispy Kreme at one point in my life. Must've been the hype. Right now, I love Top Pot, but... Harmony is equally good. Don't even get me started on Timmy Ho's... I can't stand them...

jaggonater said...

One thing I'm sure all the donut fanatics like myself who has read this conversation agree on is that Tim horton donuts suck the most balls ever

Anonymous said...

wow i have to say i was delighted with the donuts i bought they were still a little warm chocolate peanut was my favorite and my kids really enjoyed the strawberry with sprinkes highly recomended

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