Sherman's Food Adventures: Green Basil

Green Basil

Viv and I were heading to Stupidstore at Metrotown and needed a place to eat. We figured that Sushi Garden would be convenient since it is only across the street. However, as we got there, the usual lineup was out the door. I've been there before and really wonder to myself, is it really that good to lineup for? Well, I guess that question will be revisited another day. Not having a backup plan, I was just about to drive further down Kingsway when Viv suggest we try Green Basil which was a couple of doors down. Perpetuating the Asian stereotype, I jammed on the brakes and zipped into the first available parking spot (safely of course). We just had some really good Thai food at Lhy Thai a few days ago, so we were ready to do a comparison. Heading into the restaurant, we were greeted with a clean and pleasing decor. The server was all ready to take us into an inside table; but I asked if we could sit at probably the worst table near the entrance because I needed light for my pictures. Sometimes, I wonder what restaurant staff are thinking when I take a crappy table. I did that at Lhy Thai too; rather than take a spacious table, I took a small table closer to the window.

Conveniently, I had the Entertainment coupon for Green Basil with me, so I proceeded to order more than we could eat. I seem to always fall into that trap since psychologically I feel that there is a deal to be had, I might as well get more food. The first dish to arrive was the Pad Thai and honestly, it looked scary. There was no colour whatsoever, except for the chili flakes and green onion. I've never seen such pale looking Pad Thai in my life. Fortunately it tasted better than it looked; however, the flavours were weak exhibiting very little tamarind and fish sauce. Despite this, there was a decent amount of spiciness and plenty of shrimp in the dish. Luckily for us (and for this post) the rest of the 3 dishes were much better. The Chicken Green Curry was both plentiful and spicy. The coconut milk tempered the heat a bit; but the curry was far from mild. The same could be said about the Eggplant with Beef. There was not shortage of spice and flavour. The Duck Red Curry was beautifully presented in a half pineapple. The curry was also spicy; but the ample amount of pineapple and coconut milk brought sweetness to the dish.

Although the meal at Green Basil was not the best Thai food I've ever had, it was acceptable, Pad Thai withstanding. Portions were larger than most other Thai restaurants and prices were very reasonable. We personally really enjoyed the pronounced spice in the curries and the stir fry; yet I can see that this may not be for everyone. Furthermore, the restaurant was clean and the service was very attentive.

The Good:
- Portions are larger than other Thai restaurants
- Prices are reasonable
- Friendly service

The Bad:
- Flavours were a bit off (ie. Pad Thai was bland, curries could be too spicy for some)

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Anonymous said...

The put coupons every week into the Georgia Straight for Buy 1 get 1 free...yay!

holly said...

I usually stick with their lunch specials which are a good deal as it comes with a couple of sides (spring roll and soup). Prices are usually between $7 - 8, which I consider good for Thai food.

I like hot foods so their spiciness suits me just fine. I have also tried their ostrich wrap which was very tasty.

Sherman Chan said...

Hi Holly, yup, as I mentioned in my post, we enjoyed the spiciness. That is actually what I prefer. Too bad that a few people have complained that their food is too spicy because the alternative would be too bland.

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