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For really no apparent reason other than curiosity, we drove to Langley with the intention of crossing the new Golden Ears Bridge. Along the way, we passed right by La Charcuterie and the only thing that came to mind was "Screamer" aka Miss Y. You really need to read the post on La Charcuterie to understand this inside joke. Obviously, there isn't much excitement crossing a bridge; but I guess at least we crossed it. Once off the bridge and in Maple Ridge, I had already planned where we were going to eat. There is one restaurant I look forward to visiting when I'm driving around the interior of BC - Home Restaurant. Other than Hope, Merritt, Salmon Arm and Sorrento, the closet Home Restaurant is in Maple Ridge. A short drive on Lougheed Highway after we had crossed the bridge landed us at that location.

So what exactly is Home Restaurant? Well, think something similar to ABC Country Restaurant but a bit better (not much can be worse than ABC: Bleck!). It's essentially a diner that serves up home cooking and comfort food. Don't expect anything gourmet or fancy here, you will not find it. In fact, to some, the food may not rate very high. I would agree with that assessment because the food is really average. When at Home, I usually get the Schnitzel Champignon; but since I already had that a week earlier at Old Bavaria Haus, I went for the Pot Roast. If you look at the picture, there is really no presentation at all, it's essentially slapped onto the plate and smothered in gravy. Although the meat was very tender, it was very salty. Add gravy into the equation and it was salt overload. However, the real mash potatoes were excellent with nice tender chunks hidden inside. Surprisingly, the beans were not too mushy and well-seasoned.

Viv had the Turkey Salad Sandwich and it was well... a turkey salad sandwich. It did come with a large portion of salad tough. Otherwise, pretty standard fare, not much to discuss here. My son opted to eat breakfast again, despite eating breakfast already. He got the kid's Pancake Breakfast which included 3 small pancakes, 2 sausage links, scrambled eggs and milk. Not a bad deal for $5.39. He proceeded to drown everything in syrup including the egg. I might as well hook syrup directly into him through an IV. Eggs were fluffy and the sausages were meaty without being too fatty; yet the pancakes were overcooked on one side. That one side is not shown in the picture. I guess they cleverly hid it. My daughter got the complimentary Mac n Cheese for kids under 2 years old. Arriving steaming hot, it was actually quite good being really cheesy. As you can see, this is a very kid-friendly restaurant.

Okay, so the food is pretty mediocre at best. You might ask why on earth would I drive all the way to Maple Ridge to eat this stuff??? Well, I didn't come for the food really, it was more for the Apple Pie! Yes, Home makes really good pie, whether it be apple, cherry, banana cream or lemon meringue. Look at the picture! Look at it! Big juicy slices of apple stuffed into that flaky crust. Not only are there a lot of apples slices, the whole thing isn't watery either. It's not too sweet and has just the right amount of tartness. This time they were a bit heavy with the cinnamon; but it was still excellent. Another thing you'll get at Home is friendly service and a comfortable relaxed environment. Isn't that nice? Moreover, I actually can now claim that I eat at "Home".

The Good:
- Wicked homemade pies
- Friendly service
- Inexpensive

The Bad:
- Mediocre food
- Not really close for anyone in the GVRD other than Langley and Maple Ridge

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holly said...

My niece was just telling me about this restaurant recently. She plays hockey so she travels to Maple Ridge a lot and has been here several times.

At least it looks better than ABC, which is pretty horrible stuff.

Next time you're in the area, try the apple pie at Bruce's Market located on Lougheed Hwy at the turnoff for the Albion ferry. For $5, you get a pretty decent apple/fruit pie to take home and their salmon chowder is famous as they get it from local fishermen.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks Holly, I will definitely try Bruce's next time I'm out there. I love chowder too! Yes, ABC is A Bad Choice...

Jessica604 said...

I think the comparison with ABC restaurant is right on target. We first came by Home restaurant in Hope - M wanted to try something else in town (ie A&W or Dairy Queen) and in all honesty, I probably should have followed his lead.

From what I remember, Bruce's Market also has great sausage from a local butcher (A&K Sausage on...River Road [?] in Maple Ridge).

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