Sherman's Food Adventures: Danny's Market

Danny's Market

When you hear the name "Screamer", a few things might come to mind. A loud baby? A boisterous fan? A car peeling out? Miss Y? Well, the Screamer I'm referring to is the beverage and/or dessert which consists of a slushee and soft serve ice cream. Yes, it's quite a simple concoction, but oh so yummy and refreshing on a hot day. You'd think something so relatively easy to make readily available. Wrong. To the best of my knowledge, there are only a few places that you can obtain this tasty treat - Baguette Time (thanks to Five Loaves for the info) in Vancouver and Danny's Market in Richmond. Since I was heading to Richmond today, I targeted Danny's Market on my GPS as a necessary stop. The first time I had a Screamer was at the Calgary Zoo last year. I couldn't believe I hadn't tried one sooner, the thing is plain awesome. My favourite by far is Orange Crush slushee and soft serve. This is the closest thing to a Creamsicle. To give credit where credit is due, the only reason I knew of Danny's Market was because of other bloggers: Five Loaves, Yum-O-Rama and 604 Foodtography.

The Screamer itself is a bit hard to drink with a straw at first. It's best to let it melt a bit, mix it up a bit or use a spoon. Don't let it melt too much, then it becomes a mess. As Danny & Jeremy mentioned, the Screamer can be a meal in itself. Don't try this after you've eaten a really large meal. But, I do recommend that you try one, even if you live a distance away. It's that good. Add in that it's only a little over $4.00 for a large with extra ice cream, it's easy on the wallet too.

The Good:
- It takes a slushee to a whole new level
- It's reasonably priced
- They don't skimp on the soft serve

The Bad:
- It's actually quite filling, not really something you want to have if you're full
- Not really a negative, but there are not many places you can get this

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Anonymous said...

I was there yesterday!!! I like the Blue Raspberry one.

Sherman Chan said...

Wendy, I'd gladly fight through Richmond traffic, get cut off, avoid near-accidents and plain rudeness to get at these Screamers. They are awesome. Richmond here I come!

holly said...

You can also get similar drinks from the Sub at UBC. I think they're called by another name but I can't remember as it's been awhile since I last had one.

I think about getting one sometimes as it's summertime, but then I think of all the calories, which I can't afford to waste, and I tell myself nah.

Anyways, enjoy.

PS You can also substitute by getting a slurpy at 7 Eleven and then buying soft ice cream from McDonald's in a cup without the cone and combining them together. It's a bit more work but it'll do if you're not in Richmond or near UBC.

Sherman Chan said...

Thanks for the tip Holly! We considered making our own screamer as well with the exact plan you had. We might actually try it one day. However, we'd go to Dairy Queen instead because their soft serve is much better than McD's.

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