Sherman's Food Adventures: Well Tea

Well Tea

After a filling meal at Jang Mo Jib, Bear wondered if anyone was interested in getting a bubble tea. Of course you know I am game for anything food. Milhouse was all for it; yet Boss Woman was a bit hesitant. Too bad for her that I drove! Yes, it's all a sinister plan to get people to eat with me. Drive them and they are at your mercy! Unfortunately for Judes and Miss Y, they had already left by then. Good thing that Judes drove, they probably wouldn't get lost. Miss Y is a walking advertisement for GPS systems. So, we made the short drive to Well Tea half a block away. Despite being quite late, it was bustling with activity. Many people were having a late dinner in addition to those only having a drink.

We only had room for drinks, so we didn't order any food. Well, that isn't exactly accurate because Bear and I ended up sharing Thick Toast with Condensed Milk. Boss Woman didn't order anything, it's probably because she was still full after stealing the egg from the Bibimbap earlier! I ended up ordering the Pineapple Slush with Coconut Jelly, Bear had the Sesame Bubble Tea and Milhouse opted for the Blueberry Slush. Bear and Milhouse were quite content with their drinks. Both were smooth and not overly sweet. However, mine was very sweet and afflicted with a multitude of ice chunks. Not sure if my drink was an "0ff" drink or not. I'll give them a mulligan for that. I really liked the toast. It was thick while being soft and fresh on the inside. It was toasted enough so that the condensed milk could caramelize on top without burning it. Furthermore, there was the right amount of condensed milk so it wasn't too sweet either.. Now we didn't get a chance to try anything else; but 2 years later, I returned with Gordo for some late night eats. We shared a Salty Peppery Chicken to start. The chicken nuggets were fried perfectly crisp. It was flavourful and not oily. We also liked that they didn't skimp on the portion size. However, the chunks were on the larger side which hindered the flavour from making an impact. Furthermore, the copious amount of chicken skin was a bit unappealing.

Gordo decided to go for the classic Taiwanese Beef Noodle. Thank goodness since we couldn't possibly go to a Taiwanese joint without trying it. That allowed me to order something else for myself. As for the beef noodles, Gordo remarked that the noodles were cooked perfectly being slightly chewy. He liked the thickness of it as well. The beef was neither tender nor tough. He said it was somewhere in the middle, which was acceptable. Although the beef broth was flavourful, it lacked depth. Since he had a noodle soup, I went for dry noodles in the form of Ja Jeun Mein (or noodles with meat sauce). This was a chunky sauce with lots of ground beef, pressed tofu and fermented beans. It was on the sweeter side; but did exhibit enough seasoning to flavour all of the noodles. The noodles themselves were al dente and not wet. Yet, the sauce itself was not wet enough which made the entire dish too dry. In general, the food here is passable and does the job for late night munchies with a drink. Despite my disappointing slush, the other 2 were not bad. Ultimately, it fits the bill when nothing else is open. It remains a fairly comfortable place for bubble tea and snacks after midnight.

The Good:
- Spacious and comfortable dining space
- Good selection of drinks
- Service is pretty good for this type of establishment

The Bad:
- Decent bubble tea, but there is better
- Food is okay; but there is better as well

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