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Mario's Kitchen

Ah. the water slide, a current of rushing water underneath your posterior; more fun than you can ever have with a bidet. Today, the whole family made the trek out to Splashdown Park out in Tsawwassen. My son seemed very excited to go; but after a few assisted runs down the kiddie slides, he decided it was time to go home. No way buddy, we didn't pay $15 for you to half-heartedly go down a few slides and call it a day. So we gave him his Nintendo DS and we ended up going on some runs. I've never been a big fan of water slides; but the inner tube river run was very fun. Too bad I accidentally elbowed Chill M's daughter in the head while going down that run. She didn't seem a bit worse for wear. Viv went down the blue slides and she said that they were slow and in fact she stopped dead in her tracks a few times. Gee, doesn't sound like that much fun. I could have been playing hockey instead since I was missing it for the water slides. No matter, family time is more important.

Since we don't make it out to Tsawwassen very often, I suggested we grab some late lunch at a favourite of mine - Mario's Kitchen. Luckily for us, we arrived well past lunch hour and snagged the only table that could accommodate 4 adults and 5 kids. Suffice to say, the restaurant is very kid friendly; from the kid's menu and crayons to the Popsicles or giant cookie for dessert. Once again, Bubbly M hijacked my camera and I am obliged to credit her with some of the photos. The kiddies ended up ordering the usual, pizza and chicken strips. Bubbly M ordered the Tuscan Linguine and it was pretty good. I've had the pasta here in the past and although it isn't spectacular, it's more than acceptable. Her pasta was al dente and the sauce was seasoned adequately. I had originally ordered the BBQ Glazed Half-Chicken; but what I really ended up with was BBQ Glazed Chicken Breasts. I really had no problem with it since the chicken was cooked perfectly tender and the sauce was quite good. However, I would've appreciated that they had asked me beforehand. The rice on the side was terrible, undercooked and bland. Viv and Chill M had the Cajun Chicken Cheddar Sandwich. Not much to say about a sandwich, but apparently the chicken was tender and well seasoned.

Since there were 5 kids, it took awhile to get out of the restaurant. Finally we made it outside and I had to open my big mouth and compliment Bubbly M's new Pumas. She went ahead and told Viv to join her at the shoe store which was having a sale. Great, now we have to wait for 2 women shoe shopping. What did I do to deserve this? Oh right, I complimented someone on their new shoes... Luckily it didn't take too long and we were on our way. Since we were sort of in the neighbourhood, I dropped by Danny's Market for another Screamer. At least the visit to Splashdown was not all for naught.

The Good:
- Reasonably priced
- Good portions
- Decent food

The Bad:
- Food came out a bit slow (maybe because we arrived well past lunch?)

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Kendrick said...

You should go again and tell us what you think! I went last month under new ownership and it was amazing!

Sherman Chan said...

@Ken Thanks, I will!

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