Sherman's Food Adventures: Little Billy's

Little Billy's

So, guess who joins me for lunch today? Snake? No, he's too busy munching on Lobster in the Maritimes. Whipping Girl? Nope, she's too busy overpaying at Morton's. Miss Y? No, she's too busy trying to find her way out of a cul-de-sac. It's Rich Guy again! I think he's available for lunch everyday! Today, we met at Little Billy's right on Hastings near Sperling. Honestly, I've passed by this place so many times and really never even noticed it until I read Deeeelish's post. Apparently, Little Billy's moved to this location after it's former store was destroyed in a fire.

The first thing that struck me when I walked into the restaurant was how narrow the entrance was. Literally, the bar was within 3 feet of the front door. Not a really good design. However, once seated, I began to appreciate the upscale decor and cleanliness of the place. Although the dinner prices are a bit pricey, the lunch menu on the other hand is a complete steal. There are only a handful of items over $10.00. I was tempted to order more than one dish; but the server assured me one plate would be enough. I did try the soup of the day to start - Lemon Rice Soup. Rich Guy had the soup and salad, so he got to try it as well. When it arrived, we both thought it looked like Chinese Congee. However, it sure didn't taste like congee. There was quite a bit of lemon flavour which didn't sit well with Rich Guy. On the other hand, I liked it a lot, partly because I love lemon.

Rich Guy's chicken sandwich looked fresh and said it was pretty good since the chicken was quite tender. I opted for the Prawn Souvlaki which was only $9.95. Included with the 5 prawns were pita bread, rice and salad. The prawns were grilled perfectly. Lots of flavour and crunch. The rice was just the right texture, without being too soft. I decided to substitute the Greek salad with Caesar and it was adequately dressed.

We were pleasantly surprised at both the prices and quality of our meals. It's not "wow" material; but considering that both of our meals were under $10.00, it was a good value. However, the prices jump to almost double on the dinner menu. Not sure if it's such a good value in that case. Yet, I wouldn't hesitate to come for lunch again.

The Good:
- Comfortable dining space
- Good value for lunch
- Service was friendly

The Bad:
- Expensive dinner menu
- Very tight entrance

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Polly said...

Thanks for the link sherman! less than 10 dollar lunches are definitely a good deal, except the lunchtime lasagna
was a little too small :(

Sherman Chan said...

My word... that IS small. Well at least for $10.00, you can order a second meal? LOL...

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