Sherman's Food Adventures: Fire Pizza

Fire Pizza

Much like the last time I visited 4 Brothers Pizza, I was all alone with no one to eat with.  Therefore, I went back to the well along Commercial Drive to try out some more slice pizza.  Right next door to the 2nd location of 4 Brothers, I decided to visit Fire Pizza.  For $1.79 a slice, it seemed like a good bet, as well as the many choices they had. I gave the Beef & Blue Cheese a shot first, partly because it is the standard here along Commercial Drive.  I found the beef topping to be more substantial and "meatier" than that of 4 Brothers and Uncle Fatih's. Combined with an ample amount of blue cheese dressing, there was definitely impact.  However, what ultimately made the pizza slice a bit ordinary was the chewy and dense crust.  Of course it was reheated, much like the other joints, but even with that, it wasn't that crispy.  

Something that really caught my attention was the Honey Garlic Pork with bacon, red onion and pineapple.  This was pretty tasty with a good combo of sweet and savoury.  The drizzle of honey garlic sauce was not overwhelming while the ample amount of toppings ensured flavour in every bite.  However, much like the previous slice, the pizza was dry and dense crust just made it somewhat of a chore to eat. Lastly, I gave the Salmon Pizza a shot and it was predictably dry.  In fact, with no sauce and with the aforementioned crust, I needed a drink to get it down. Furthermore, there was a general lack of flavour as well. Now, on the other hand, I thought for the price ($1.79 per slice), there was more than enough salmon to make it a good deal.  And Fire Pizza is a good deal, especially for a quick bite or the munchies (for whatever reason...).  The interesting and ample choices ensures there is something for everyone.  But for me, the crust just doesn't cut it when compared to the other joints on Commercial.  

The Good:
- Lots of choice
- Cheap
- Interesting toppings

The Bad:
- Dense and chewy crust

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Hungry said...

The price has jumped to $2.19/slice but honestly - for the amount of toppings and the general quality of them? That's an absolute bargain. Just got introduced to this place 2 weeks ago and I've been back 3 times already!

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