Sherman's Food Adventures: Texx Big Burger

Texx Big Burger

For a relatively large North American city, Vancouver is not endowed with great burger joints.  Sure, there are some good ones such as Romer's, Moderne, Splitz, Burger Heaven and Stackhouse.  And I'm not going to include Fatburger or Five Guys because they are not unique to Vancouver since you can get them practically everywhere.  Not that I don't like them, I just want to focus on local joints.  Of course there is also the very respectable The Burger at Cactus Club and the ones from Vera's, but I would like to leave the big chains out of this (Romer's and Splitz aren't big enough chains yet to earn that distinction).  Now, other than Burger Heaven, all of the aforementioned joints are quite polished and some have an upscale slant.  

Enter another player in town, Texx Big Burger out in Surrey.  Decidedly simple and basic in decor, this joint serves big, fresh burgers at a reasonable price.  I picked up a few items including a Bacon Cheeseburger for Mrs. Spray Bottle.  For $6.99, it included many optional toppings for no extra charge including grilled onions and sauteed mushrooms.  This was a well-constructed burger with a moist, but not oily patty with crispy bacon, fresh veggies and a bun that held up to all the ingredients.  Their Fresh-Cut Fries were starchy while being crispy.  Loved how they did basically dumped all of it in the paper bag a la Five Guys style.  That was a lot of fries for $1.99.

But really...  I wasn't here for anything else other than the Super Texx Big Burger ($21.99).  This monstrosity consisted of 3 x 10oz patties with bacon, cheese and all the optional toppings one could handle.  Despite the novelty of it all, this was actually a very tasty burger.  The meat was super moist, meaty and flavourful without being oily.  Yes, the bun got a bit soft with all the ingredients, but it still held up.  I thoroughly enjoyed this burger.  And if you can finish this in-store within 30 minutes, it's free! Even if it wasn't free, I'd gladly pay for it.  Possibly the best burger I've had in town (for the price) up to this point.  I take back my comment about no good burger joints.

The Good:
- Fresh, moist burger patties
- Reasonable pricing considering what you get
- Charismatic owner who cares about the customer

The Bad:
- Kinda basic operation, if that matters to you

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Unknown said...

Hi Sherman,

The TEX Big Burger is listed as $12.99 on the attached menu...not $21.99 as you state in your blog. Just a heads-up; :-)

Sherman Chan said...

Whoops.. Thanks. A typo, what I meant is the Super Texx Burger.

tony said...

ahhhh a $$$$ typo ! good , because i was really turned off by the $21.99 price. I think i will finally seek out Tex Burgers this weekend and stuff my face with a big burger. :)

mbsunshine said...

I want to know if you finished that burger in one sitting :)

nitroburn said...

"Super Texx Big Burger ($21.99). This monstrosity consisted of 3 x 5oz patties with bacon, cheese and all the optional toppings one could handle."

Well, you already know the price was a typo, but that description and picture sounds and looks like the regular Texx Big Burger. At least last (and only) time I ordered one there. I'm not sure how much larger the super one is though. You sure you got the super? Because if it is, then I finished it in time and it should have been free :(

Sherman Chan said...

@mbsunshine I didn't... too much food!

@nitroburn At least the owner said it was the Super Texx... He even told me to call him if I had finished it. So maybe my picture doesn't do it justice?

nitroburn said...

Hey Sherman. I'm at text right now and the super texx is 3 10oz patties and is $21.99 the one you got with 3 5oz patties for $12.99 is the regular texx burger.

Sherman Chan said...

@nitroburn Thanks, another error on my part, it should be 3 x 10oz. It was the Super Texx I got, otherwise it wouldn't be free if I had finished it.

Sherman Chan said...

@nitroburn Oh yah, I check the receipt, it was definitely a Super Texx... Just wrong info on my post.

1dylan said...

Texx big burger is way overrated the burger is flavourless the bun chewy the fries horrible. The owner who bombards you with his I make the best burger blah blah and I like to keep things simple bs . The Meal comes to you with the burger in its usual wrap but strangely taped in the biotin of a bag with your order of fries heaped on top. Your told to rip the bag open and use it as a plate Once you dig the burger out from the bottom and then you go back up to the counter with your bag of fries to administer ketchup from one of those bulk ketchup dispensers however the spout is too short to properly add the ketchup. The owner I would say is a legend in his own mind I don't recommend this disappointment for anyone

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