Sherman's Food Adventures: Top's


Another 11:30pm game??? Ack...  What the heck were we going to eat this time???  With very few options by the time we ended up leaving the rink, I suggested Top's.  Yes, I've had this in my back pocket all these years "just in case" of eating emergencies such as this.  Sure, Denny's and Knight & Day were options too, but we tried our very best not to degrade our standards (especially with the latter). Unbeknownst to us, as we pulled up to Top's, they had changed their operating hours from 24 hours to close at 2:00am.  Luckily, the manager decided to let us in despite being officially closed for the night (or should it be morning?).  Looking over the diverse and large menu, it was quite difficult to settle on one dish.

I decided on the Top's Burger which was a monstrosity of 2 really large beef patties with shrimp, lettuce, red onion and tomato.  I briefly considered forking and knifing it, but in the end, I did what needed to be done and eat it like a burger.  I generally held it together, but naturally, the shrimp kept falling out.  I found the meat patties to be super moist and juicy, however, they were more cutlets than actual beef patties.  It was processed heavily where there was obviously a good amount of filler to keep the meat moist.  With that being said, I didn't dislike it and I had eater's regret after finishing the whole darn thing.  As for the fries, they were pretty generic, but were fried nicely though.  Milhouse had the Spanish Omelette and it was filled with a good amount of ingredients.  He thought the flavours were nice, but the omelette itself was quite dry from being cooked too long.  He really liked the homestyle hashbrowns as the potatoes were soft, yet crispy on the outside.

Lionel Hutz went for the Chicken & Ribs with spaghetti.  The chicken was on the drier side while the ribs were generally tender.  The BBQ sauce was pretty standard stuff being more vinegary than smoky.  The same could be said about the spaghetti as it was like any other North American version.  He did remark that it was still al dente though.  Gordo was really ambitious and had the Prime Rib dinner with a side of Fettuccine Alfredo.  Although the steak was pale and grey, it was actually prepared nicely medium-rare and was sufficiently tender. 

Sweet Tooth and Emilicious ended up sharing a Reuben because they wanted to save themselves for dessert.  How surprising...  Again, it was a pretty typical diner melt with a modest amount of meat.  It was toasted crispy and there were no complaints.  And as for the desserts, they arrived nicely plated.  Sweet Tooth had the NY Cheesecake and it was pretty textbook.  I'm not sure if they made it in-house, but it was pretty dense and very cheesy.  It was sweet enough.  Emilicious had the Apple Pie a la Mode and it was decent.  The crust was not that flaky, but did have a nice firmness.  The apples still had a bite and there was a good balance of tartness with sweetness.  You know what?  The food was acceptable considering we didn't have a whole lot of options for eats.  Sure, it wasn't particularly modern nor gourmet, but we weren't expecting it to be.  It did the job and the people were nice.

The Good:
- Open late (not 24 hours anymore)
- Nice people
- Food is passable

The Bad:
- Not particularly modern nor exciting eats
- Decor is way past its prime

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