Sherman's Food Adventures: Sushi Tang

Sushi Tang

Sometimes, I believe my planning should be more comprehensive.  Case in point, I was intending on going for some noodle action at Pho Chung Nam only to discover they were randomly closing early for the day.  Well, without a backup plan (and really, I have no excuse for not having one), I had to scramble for eats.  Walking around the corner on 6th, I spotted Sushi Tang.  Okay, I was kicking it ol' skool with no Urbanspoon review.  No, I didn't even check it on my phone.  I was going to take my chances at this Korean-run Japanese restaurant (oh and yah, again, it doesn't matter who runs the joint, the food does all the talking).

I decided to start with an order of Ebi Tempura. It was one of the lightest I've ever had. When I picked up each piece, I had to do a double-take as I thought I wasn't holding anything.  As a result, the batter was super easy to eat and airily crispy.  The ebi had a cold-water crunch, yet was a bit bland. Moving on, I had one of their Bento Boxes which featured sashimi, California roll and piece of tonkatsu. I was pleasantly surprised with the Sashimi as it was sliced and plated nicely.  Each piece had decent flavour and texture.  I especially liked the Sockeye Salmon.  I wasn't huge fan of the half piece of Tonkatsu as it was stone cold.  As for the sushi, it was decent where the rice was a touch dry with a hint of vinegar.

On a subsequent visit with Gordo, I went for another fried shrimp dish in the Ebi Mayo.  This was an interesting interpretation as the mayo was a bit goupy and really sweet.  The ebi was fried nicely though as it was crispy and light with a slight bounce.  I went for a different Bento Box this time around opting for the Beef Teriyaki rather than Sashimi.  Interestingly, the beef was not on a bed of rice, rather it was only a modest amount of bean sprouts.  Hence, there was a heck of a lot of meat  It was a bit clumpy though and a touch dry, however, with the plethora of sweet teriyaki sauce, it was moist.  Gordo went for the most expensive box being the Business.  It consisted of a whack load of sashimi, 2 pcs nigiri, chicken teriyaki and takoyaki.  Again, the sashimi was decent, but the nigiri were hopelessly small.  The chicken teriyaki was pretty standard while the takoyaki was of the fried variety.  Overall, Sushi Tang did the job with little fanfare.  Nothing that I would be clamouring back for, but okay for a quick lunch.

The Good:
- Friendly service
- Okay for what it is

The Bad:
- Nothing terrible, but nothing outstanding either

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