Sherman's Food Adventures: Gordy's Cafe

Gordy's Cafe

Over 4 years ago, I once visited a joint on Scott Road called Jellie D's.  Seeing how it named after a donut, I expected their wares to be good.  How wrong I was.  They made donuts as well as the Spice Girls can sing. Well, apparently, they were just sold and the new owners were not really all that interested with donuts.  I believe they were sold again and the donuts were removed from the menu altogether.  Yes, kinda confusing when the place was still named Jellie D's. However, I looked past the name and decided to give their $3.00 breakfast a shot.  Okay, it wasn't mind-blowing, but a really good deal nonetheless.  Finally, they've changed their name to Gordy's where cheap and freshly made is their calling card.

I've been back quite a few times, so consider this a recap of sorts rather than an individual post.  So what does $3.00 get you?  Their All Day Breakfast Combo consisting of 2 eggs, meat (bacon, sausage or ham), hashbrowns and toast.  As you can see in the picture, it's a respectable plate of food.  Kinda makes the one at Bon's look messy.  You could upgrade the breakfast with more meat and cheese atop your eggs for a couple of bucks more.  The options are quite extensive. Moreover, by looking at the bacon, it was not burnt while being crispy.   I've also given their Corned Beef Hash a try and let's just say it's best to stick to the breakfast combo.  The shredded hash browns and the deli-corned beef just doesn't cut it despite the low price.

Of course I have also tried their $5.49 1/4 Burger Combo which is also made in-house including the fries.  The beef patty can be a bit loose and crumbly, but it is freshly made.  The toasted roll along with the crisp lettuce and tomato make this a respectable burger.  The fresh cut fries could be crispier, but they do the job.  As you can see, the food ain't gonna win any awards, but for the price, it is more than serviceable complete with free smiles (sounds kinda familiar eh?).

The Good:
- Cheap
- Decent eats
- Friendly owner

The Bad:
- Place could use a reno of sorts
- Stick to the basics

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