Sherman's Food Adventures: Sushi Maru

Sushi Maru

*Location is permanently closed*

Having ate a late lunch including a pit stop at Full Tilt for ice cream, we were not exactly hungry for dinner.  So we went shopping instead...  to the delight of our kids.  Not.  If you ever want to hear whining and complaining, just take a couple of tired kids to Wal-Mart.  I dare you.  After that, we were in search of late night eats in Bellevue.  That brought us to Sushi Maru.  Similar to Sushi Land, they employ a conveyor belt of food categorized by colored plates which determine the pricing.  I must admit, this is a novel and fun way of eating.  The kids were sure impressed, watching the food go round and round.  They couldn't keep their hands off the chocolate-covered strawberries and cake. Yah, we finally did give in at the end...

One of the first plates we grabbed was the Rainbow Roll.  Naturally, we weren't expecting much out of a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, but the roll was okay.  The rice was kinda dry and lacking in flavour, but the fish was actually decent, as with the avocado.  Next up was a Grilled Red Snapper which was actually quite good.  The fish had a nice exterior crust while the inside was flaky and moist. Majestically plated, we had no idea what it was, but my best guess would be the Las Vegas Roll.  Essentially a Cali roll with cooked salmon on top with a mayonnaise dressing and tobiko.  This was not bad, considering it was only $3.65.

Moving along (literally as the food was actually moving along!), we had a Fried Roll of some sort.  I really couldn't decipher what it was because it didn't match any of the photos in the menu.  It was kinda ugly and disfigured.  It ate much like it looked being dry and hard, rather than crunchy and soft.  Something of an oddity was the Popcorn Chicken.  Resembling more like deformed chicken nuggets or small chicken strips, these were super crunchy and curiously topped with ranch dressing.  The white meat was relatively moist inside. Weird, but I give them props for making them from scratch.  As a side note, they used it for their Orange Chicken too (yah, don't laugh...).

We also tried some Nigiri Sushi and it was acceptable.  Yes it had the same dry flavourless rice, but the fish was okay.  For the kiddies, we got a plate of Fried Rice and it was surprisingly decent.  It was seasoned just enough and it experienced good wok heat.  Sadly, with all the options moving about, the kids were eying the Chocolate Mousse Cake the whole time.  We finally gave in to the pre-made slice.  Hey, it was fine considering it cost only $2.65. Okay, for those who are Japanese food aficionados, I'm sure you are reading this in horror right now.  However, Sushi Maru serves their target market (which is not you) for a reasonable price.

The Good:
- Lots of choice
- Reasonably-priced 
- Novelty factor

The Bad:
- Pretty average
- Pretty busy which means hard to flag someone down (they're friendly though)


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