Sherman's Food Adventures: Honey Hole

Honey Hole

As per our annual Spring Break tradition, we made the trek down to Seattle for some shopping, eating and picking up stuff from GPS.  GPS?  Yes, Goose's Parcel Service.  Come again?  You see, Goose lives in Bellevue and he has been nice enough all these years to be the receiver of various items that I've purchased on the internet.  This time around, even before setting foot into one store, we had over $2800.00 worth of goods to be picked up.  Yes, he does have house and contents insurance...  Before anything else, our first thing to do was eat lunch upon our arrival.  The place - Honey Hole Sandwiches.

We started the kids off on the Club Tasty consisting of thick-sliced bacon, Zoe's Black Forest ham, in- house roasted turkey, sharp cheddar, lettuce and tomato on a demi baguette.  This was a neatly constructed sammie with quality ingredients.  Nothing complex about it, but well made nonetheless.  We found the bread to be a bit on the chewier side which made everything slide out with each bite. For myself, I had the Buford T Justice which was really a pulled-pork sammie with pepper jack cheese and coleslaw on the same baguette.  The pork was moist and saucy with a sweet rich BBQ sauce.  The coleslaw was crunchy while not overly wet.  The dense baguette worked really well here holding up to the ingredients.

I added a Cream of Mushroom soup as my side and it was more Earthy than creamy. Definitely a whole lot of mushrooms went into this soup which was mild other than the inherent flavour.  Viv opted for the Waverider consisting of turkey, pesto, smoked gouda, red onion, hot peppers and aioli.  This was our favourite of the bunch as the smoked gouda was prominent while the pesto added a nice herby component.  Really good mix of flavours and lotsa turkey.  Oh yah, the fries were pretty good as well.  So as simple sandwiches can be, Honey Hole successfully makes them more interesting at a reasonable price.

The Good:
- Large sandwiches at a reasonable price
- Interesting combos
- Made with care

The Bad:
- Place is really busy with limited and tight seating


Chaki said...

Hi Sherman,

Just curious, when did your son start eating sandwiches with lettuce, tomatoes and mayo?

Always compared his taste in food to my son. Lettuce and cucumbers, he can handle but never tomatoes and mayo only if it's very hidden. Your son is doing pretty good if he does tomatoes at his age!

Ever been to Earl of Sandwiches? Amazing sammies.

Sherman Chan said...

@Chaki My son eats mayo and lettuce but still doesn't do tomatoes. LOL... Yah, something about the texture. Earl of Sandwich? Not yet, but when I'm in Florida this Summer for sure!

Chaki said...

Oh, your family is doing Orlando this summer?? Can't wait to read your Disney food reviews!!

The Tusker House character buffet lunch at Animal Kingdom was an amazing meal. Lots of exotic flavors for the adventurous but normal stuff for the bland taste buds. But there are SOOO many great restaurants to choose from.

Have fun!

Sherman Chan said...

@Chaki Thanks! Can't wait to eat!!!

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