Sherman's Food Adventures: Pho Rex

Pho Rex

Fresh from a visit to Mai's out in Walnut Grove, I was curious as to the other Vietnamese offerings in Langley.  Seeing how I was in the area anyways, I decided that a visit to the highly-rated Pho Rex (according to Urbanspoon and Yelp!) was in order.  I wasn't exactly clear why the place is named as such.  Maybe they had dinosaur-sized portions?  Possibly the owner is named Rex? Hmm...  by the looks of the crown atop the "E" in the name, possibly some form of royalty?  Well, at least it is more original than a number such as Pho 99, Pho 101, Pho 66 or Pho 69 (well, probably not the last one...). 

H-Boy and I started with a Salad Roll which was constructed neatly where it was filled with the usual ingredients including basil.  This little addition did wonders for the flavour of the roll.  I found the dip leaning towards hoisin more than peanut. Of course we had the Pho Dac Biet as well. We found the broth to be clean with a mild meatiness.  It wasn't particularly sweet nor salty, rather it tasted somewhat "natural".  The noodles were good and so were the meats. Since we already had the Pho, I went for something different in the Bun Bo Hue. Notably absent was the pork knuckle and pork's blood, but I personally didn't mind and hey...  we were in Langley...  The broth had a noticeable lemongrass hit as well as shrimp paste.  It was sufficiently spicy while the meats were plentiful and tender.

Lastly, we shared the Lemongrass Chicken on Rice which was fantastic.  The chicken was aesthetically-pleasing while being super moist and flavourful.  And I mean flavourful, bursting with lemongrass and savoury notes.  Moreover, there was just enough char to add another layer of flavour.  When it was all said and done, we were impressed with the food here.  It was both cheaper and better than Mai's in our opinion.  Definitely a good option out here in Langley.

The Good:
- Above average eats
- Friendly people
- Okay pricing (compared to Mai's)

The Bad:
- Not the biggest place, but then again, that is common for this type of restaurant
- Friendly people, but not overly attentive

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LotusRapper said...

There ought to be a tea shop called "Tea Rex" ;-)

Of course it'd be patroned by a bunch of 6-yr olds .....

mizkitty said...

"Rex" is Latin for "king".

The Pho King joke is tired, NSFW and a little childish these days.

ft. said...

Next time you're in Langley, you should try Langley Vietnamese Cuisine! It's a hidden gem in Langley :] It's pretty close to Pho Rex too!

Jade said...

I stopped at Pho Rex on Saturday to pick up some Pho for dinner. The service was really good with the young man behind the counter being very polite. When I brought the soup back to the car with me I noticed a dreadful door. The soup broth smelt so bad I had to pull over and throw it out after a few blocks. It seriously was almost a sewer smell. I have never felt physically ill from something like that before. It was horrible. I still cringe thinking about it. We used to go to pho Rex quite a bit years ago and have always liked their food. Not sure why it was so awful this time. I'll stick to Langley Vietnamese or Pho Tau Bay while in Langley.

Sherman Chan said...

@mizkitty Um... I don't get your comment. I've never made jokes about this up until this post. Huh?

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