Sherman's Food Adventures: Cumpari`s Gelato & Caffe

Cumpari`s Gelato & Caffe

What a nice day it was today. When it's sunny and warm in Vancouver, there is really nowhere better. Well, I did like Hawaii and Miami though... Anyways, when I got home today after work, I promised my son we'd go for some ice cream after dinner. However, there is not much to choose from if you're not near downtown. However, there is this one place on North Road that I have yet to try - Cumpari's. Despite the fact I was quite full and tired after dinner, I needed to fulfill that promise of ice cream (or gelato in this case).

It really wasn't that busy and that gave us time to look over the limited selection of gelato and sorbetto. I asked if I could take a picture of the display case and I was again denied! This is the 2nd time in 2 days. I got denied yesterday at Anna's Cake House, which is coincidentally within walking distance of Cumpari. Is there a Bermuda Triangle of anti-foodtography here in Burquitlam? Fortunately, I was allowed to take pictures of everything else. We ended up getting 2 medium cups @ $5.00 each. Viv had a scoop of Chocolate (mostly for my son) and a scoop of Strawberry. I choose to have the Berry Cheesecake and the Lemon Sorbetto. I barely got to eat my cheesecake gelato because my daughter kept spooning it all into her mouth, or at least she tried. What a bloody mess, especially on a glass table!

One thing I noticed right away was that the gelato was quite flavourful. The cheesecake gelato was full of cream cheese flavour and the lemon sorbetto was bursting with lemon tartness. I tried the chocolate gelato and it had an intense chocolate flavour without being too sweet. The strawberry gelato had a natural taste; as opposed to a jam like flavour. Texture-wise, the gelato was quite creamy (even though there is no cream in it). I must say that the gelato here is pretty good. It rivals the best in the GVRD.

The Good
- Bold flavour in the gelato/sorbetto
- Creamy texture
- No shortage of comfortable seating

The Bad:
- Small selection

Cumpari's Gelato & Caffe
535 North Road
Coquitlam, B.C.

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KimHo said...

Re: taking pictures, I wrote a post regarding the "no pictures allowed" policy. You can check it here.

Crystal said...

Their Snowflake cake is very good - try that next time!

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