Sherman's Food Adventures: In-N-Out (Gilroy)

In-N-Out (Gilroy)

Last year when we arrived in San Diego at midnight, guess where we went right after leaving the airport? The hotel? Nope. McD's? Uh no. We went to In-N-Out of course! Hey who cares about sleep! And the kiddies? Nah, we're on vacation, they could sleep in until whenever. Besides, they'll be happy with the stuff we got from In-N-Out anyways. This time around, within a few hours of landing at San Jose International, we headed out to Gilroy for some outlet shopping. As I was enjoying my free internet from Starbucks (that's what I do on every trip), the familiar yellow and red of In-N-Out caught my eye. There it was. The thought of a double-double staring me right in the face. What should I do? I wasn't particularly hungry, but it's In-N-Out for heaven's sake! I tweeted my predicament out and I really had no choice - go and have a Double-Double Animal-Style with some fries.

For those unfamiliar, Animal-Style is on the (not-so-secret) secret menu where you can add lettuce, tomato, extra sauce, pickles and sauteed onions to anything (even the fries). So why do I flock to In-N-Out whenever there is one nearby? Well, for the price, it is a pretty darn good freshly made burger. There are better out there, but not at that price. As for the Fries, they are fresh cut and only slightly crispy. For those who like it crunchy, ask them to fry them longer. I personally don't like it Animal-Style because it just gets soggy. Once again, a satisfying meal at In-N-Out. I will miss you until the next time...

The Good:
- Well-priced
- Everything is fresh and freshly-made
- Focused menu

The Bad:
- Long lineups every time anytime (but it goes fast)

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tony said...

hey have you reviewed TEXX BIG BURGERS in SUrrey yet? Texx Big Burger
14783 108 Ave
Surrey, BC V3R1V9 ....i may head out there says open late and the prices seem very cheap. Seems they getting great reviews for the food but awful customer service from the owner/operators. Go straighten them out Sherman.

nitroburn said...

I've been waiting for the same thing tony.

Sherman Chan said...

@Tony @nitroburn I will definitely make my way out there! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I finally got to try In N Out burger today because they were at the Langley Cruise In.

Even though it was a 2 hour wait and I almost fainted from sun stroke, it was worth it.

I'm already thinking about how to get my hands on their famous Animal style burger.

LotusRapper said...

@ Holly,

There's an In & Out in Langley ?

KimHo said...

LR, that was Langley Good Times Cruise-In.

Sherman Chan said...

@Holly Yes, it is so good. Of course there is better for more money. But it is great for the price.

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