Sherman's Food Adventures: Falafel Drive-In

Falafel Drive-In

It had to happen. Blame it on Murphy's Law. After we picked up our rental car, the GPS we brought with us refused to work. Great. I guess we had to rely on our own devices. Without knowing where we were really going, we did what any dedicated food-crazed person would do - keep forging ahead! There is not much that could dissuade us from good eats. No, not a leisurely stroll through the TL in San Francisco nor going for some authentic Mexican fare in San Diego. The destination this time was another Triple D special - Falafel Drive-In located in San Jose. I know, I know, not all of Guy Fieri's suggestions are necessarily good, but some do hit the mark. For us, we did hit the mark and made it sans GPS. In fact, we arrived a bit early and had to wait for the place to open.

We got a few items and started with the Babaganouj. I really liked the texture as it was smooth with the occasional chunk of soft eggplant. In terms of flavour, we thought it was far too tart. We couldn't get the tartness off our tongue even with the addition of olive oil and their fabulous hot sauce. The portion size was pretty good where we still had a lot leftover even after using up our pita bread. For our second item, we had the small Gyro which was stuffed with spiced steak, crisp lettuce, tomatoes and tahini. The meat was moist and quite flavourful, however, the predominant sauce was the mild-tasting tahini. This definitely needed a splash of their hot sauce. With that slathered all over the gyro, then flavours came out. Now let's get real, we didn't come here for the Babaganouj nor a Gyro! We were here for some falafel action...

So we got a small Falafel Pita, which was really not all that modest in size. In fact, there was plenty of crunchy falafels hiding beneath the lettuce. These were moist in the middle with a pleasant herby taste. Once again, the hot sauce really amped up the flavours. So in the words of Guy Fieri, the falafels were money. Really good textural contrast between the exterior crunch and fluffy inside. As for the other stuff? Meh. It was alright. Come for the falafels only.

The Good:
- Falafels have great texture inside and out
- Not expensive
- Hot sauce works with everything

The Bad:
- Everything else is kinda average
- It's all outdoor seating (if that matters to you)

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