Sherman's Food Adventures: Naglee Park Garage

Naglee Park Garage

On the day of my cousin's wedding, I thought it would be a good idea to get some breaky since we weren't supposed to be at the church until 2:00pm. So we drove down I-880 into San Jose on another Triple D's food adventure. We pulled up to Naglee Park Garage to find out... it was closed! Epic fail... Since we had to go to the mall anyways, we resorted to... wait for it... food court fare. Yes, some Chinese and Japanese food. Well, at least we thought it was Chinese and Japanese food... Fate would have it, the wedding reception ended up to be only 2 blocks away at the San Jose Women's Club. The significance? We could drop by Naglee to find out exactly when they would be open the next day. That's right, we were determined to eat there!

Tagging along was Rice-O-Ronnie who really wanted to try the place out since she loves Triple D's. Funny how someone from out-of-town finally brought her here. Looking over the menu, the Leek & Sausage Bake caught my eye. When it arrived, it looked like a frittata with stuff baked on top. The egg was crispy while soft in the middle. The general texture was a bit chewy and the whole thing was kinda greasy. There was plenty of sausage, leeks, cherry tomatoes, onions and goat cheese on top to make this a filling meal. It was very mild tasting though. The accompanying potato wedges and their famous house-made ketchup lived up to hype as they were very good. Although the ketchup didn't have much zing, it tasted fresh and tomatoey.

Viv ended up with the Tri-Tip Hash with 2 perfectly poached eggs on top. A rich, peppery Hollandaise sauce completed the dish. It could've stood for more lemon as it was mostly smooth and one-note in flavour. The tri-tip sausage was moist and tasty, but there wasn't enough of it. Rice-O-Ronnie went for the Bacon & Spinach Egg Lasagne. As the name suggests, it was a layers of fluffy egg with bacon and spinach in between. It was finished off with cheese on top. This wasn't bad per se, but could've been a whole lot more if there was some sauce with a kick or something. It ended up to be quite bland with chewy bacon. Despite this, we felt the food as a whole warranted another visit for dinner. I guess that would happen the next time I'm in the Bay Area.

The Good:
- Decent portions
- Interesting ideas
- Triple-D's effect

The Bad:
- Good, but suffers from the Triple-D's hype
- Parking is at a premium

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