Sherman's Food Adventures: Money Foods Enterprises (Chinatown)

Money Foods Enterprises (Chinatown)

There was a time when Chinatown was the shiznit. Yes, you heard me. It was the place that all Chinese people would descend upon for eats, shopping and driving hell. Now, that is easily eclipsed by Richmond, especially the driving part... Now, all we see are empty stores, ol' school wares, elderly folk and tourists. We used to visit Chinatown every now and then when we lived in Downtown. Not so much ever since we moved to the burbs. So whenever I am passing by, I do get a bit nostalgic dropping by Kent's for takeout and The Boss for some pastries. One thing I rarely do is get Chinese BBQ. It's probably because I'm spoiled by places such as HK BBQ Master.

Yet, I did stop while passing through, partly since I found parking right away. Yes, that has been another revelation - parking is not a problem anymore... I remember the ol' days where we would circle for 30 minutes with no luck. How things have changed. Still, my parking spot was attained through traditional means. That means I made a U-Turn in the middle of the street and then backed up to get it. Hey, when in Rome... I guess my maneuver impressed the staff at Money Foods because the guy at the counter kept talking to me about my new hybrid. I had to really put my Cantonese to work! How the hell do you say "hybrid" in Chinese??? Okay, enough of my blabbing, onto the food. So the standard of any Chinese BBQ has to the Roast Pork. They do the whole pig here and hence, you really get the luck of the draw. Go early, and you get the butt. Go later, you get the shoulder. Go in between and you get the best part - the belly! Well, I went late and got the shoulder and some rib meat. It wasn't bad though, pretty moist, fatty and not over-seasoned. The crackling was a touch hard, yet crunchy. Not bad.

I also got half a BBQ Duck which was aesthetically- pleasing with its nicely charred skin. The meat was mostly moist where the dark meat was more seasoned (that's where the marinade pools up). Going in a slightly different direction, I decided to get some of their chilled items. I got a pound of the Marinated Jellyfish which was pretty bland. I added some of the accompanying wok-fried salt and sesame oil mixture and it didn't really seem to go. At the very least, the jellyfish had a nice crunch and was rinsed thoroughly. Lastly, I got a pound of the Jellied Chicken Feet. These are deboned and cooked just enough so they are crunchy in a jellied manner. These had a good texture and were seasoned with enough salt, sesame oil and white pepper. All-in-all not bad. Of course HK BBQ Master is better, but Money is okay.

The Good:
- A touch cheaper than other places (such as in Richmond and parts of Vancouver)
- Not bad
- The staff were actually chatty and nice

The Bad:
- It's okay, but there is better (if you wanna travel)
- Not the most appealing of storefronts (lots of seafood soaked water in front)

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