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Country Way

With a morning flight from San Jose to SeaTac, Viv and I needed to grab some breaky nearby. Being in Fremont, finding a cool breakfast place was out-of-the-question. We didn't have time to swing by San Francisco. Hence, we ended up at the most popular breakfast joint in Fremont - The Country Way. Don't expect anything fancy here. Walking into the place, it seemed to be stuck in a time warp circa 1975. Lots of wood and dark-as-can-be, The Country Way does not offer glitz, style nor anything remotely modern. What it does have is big portions at reasonable prices. Normally, that would be a recipe for long lineups. However, we were here on a Monday morning. As you can clearly see from the picture, there wasn't anyone there! Yay! The restaurant all to ourselves!

We were greeted by the friendly "mature" staff and seated by the window. No, that didn't mean really good lighting either. When I said it is dark inside, it is dark even right next to the window! When we got down to ordering, Viv went for their famous French Toast with 2 eggs and sausage. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a French toast such as the one that was presented on our table. The darn thing was big enough to feed 4 people, let alone one. It was a hybrid of French toast, pancake and fritter. The outside was crispy while the inside was fluffy. Not healthy in the least (due to the copious amount of grease), but pretty tasty nonetheless. The eggs were perfectly sunny side up while the sausages were meaty.

For myself, I had an Omelet with ham, bacon and sausage. I was a bit surprised to see it topped with 2 slices of processed cheese (I later found out you can choose real cheddar as well). Due to the massive amount of meat and cheese, the whole thing turned out to be quite salty and overbearing. The hashbrowns were nice though - crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. With 2 large plates of food, we didn't have a hope in the world of finishing. That seems to be the main draw here since the food is very ol' skool. In fact, the whole place is the epitome of ol' skool. So if you want a lot of food at reasonable prices, go the Country Way.

The Good:
- Freakishly large portions
- Friendly service
- It's got an old charm to it

The Bad:
- Food is ol' skool and greasy
- Kinda dark inside (very 70's)

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Jade said...

It's funny, but I kind of feel my backside expanding when I read about restaurants like this.... not that my husband would mind.....

Sherman Chan said...

@Jade LOL, not sure what to say!

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