Sherman's Food Adventures: Crawdaddy


With the sting of my visit to Crawfish King fresh in my mind, you'd think I'd avoid all things crawfish for awhile right? Wrong. On our recent visit to San Jose for my cousin's wedding, I made it my mission to test out a similar Southern boil just to make some comparisons. Naturally, with one being in Vancouver and the other being in San Jose, it would not be exactly fair. However, it would at the very least give me a sense if the stuff at Crawfish King was bad... or really bad... So let me set this up: both have as similar menu and both are Vietnamese-run. We met up with Cable Car Guy and AZee which gave us 2 other opinions and some eating assistance.

With AZee expecting twins, she decided to opt out of the shellfish fest and decided to try their Chicken Strips and Cajun Fries. This was a large portion for the price with moist, tender chicken strips. The cajun fries were crisp with lots of spicy seasoning salt. As boring as this might've sounded, it was actually quite good. Now onto the main event - the Crawfish. They had a special where if one orders 4 lbs. of crawfish, they throw in another 1 lb. So we essentially got 5lbs. of crawfish for $44.00. I'm not sure if they were generous with their measurements, but it sure seemed like more than 5lbs. In addition, we added 4 corn and 3 sausages for 60 cents each. Not wanting to blow our tastebuds, we went for mild. Okay, for mild, this was pretty spicy. Not sure if they made a mistake, but we liked it. Notice that the crawfish were not covered in grease like Crawfish King. The crawfish were mostly large and cooked nicely. The corn was really half of a cob while the sausage was of a decent size (that sounds wrong doesn't it???).

Overall, it was a good experience where the service was friendly and attentive. Our water glasses were never empty while we were asked about the food at least twice. Let's see here... Good food, reasonable prices and attentive service - a pretty good combination right? Seems like Crawfish King needs to learn a thing or two. And yes, it is not a completely fair comparison, but at the very least, I've seen something done the right way which further exemplifies how bad Crawfish King really is. As for the locals, Cable Car Guy thought Crawdaddy was better than the Boiling Crab as it provided better value.

The Good:
- Reasonable pricing
- Pretty good service
- Enjoyable eats

The Bad:
- Usually a lineup
- It gets quite messy (I didn't mind it though)


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