Sherman's Food Adventures: Fraser BBQ & Fresh Meat

Fraser BBQ & Fresh Meat

Picking up where we left off with my Chinese BBQ adventures, the next place up for discussion is Fraser BBQ & Fresh Meat. This was sort of random since I really wasn't planning on picking up any BBQ meats. I was merely driving down Fraser on my way home when I noticed it. I did my best bad driving impression and made a quick lane change right into a parking spot. Yes, I do realize I was being hypocritical... Anyways, I'm not sure if they are affiliated with Galaxy Bakery because they share an open space with them. Oh yes, I also wandered over and picked up some buns too. Talk about random. From no food to lots of it to take home!

Naturally, the first item I selected was the Roast Pork. Due to the lean cut of meat, the pork was not all that moist. There wasn't any belly meat left, so it would be difficult to compare against places like HK BBQ Master (since they only use the belly). The crackling wasn't exactly crunchy though, it was slightly chewy. Originally, I wanted to get a few pounds of BBQ Pork. They had apparently ran out, so I settled on BBQ Pork Ribs instead. If these were any indication of the BBQ Pork marinade, then we had a winner. The sweet syrupy glaze afforded the ribs a nice colour and char while adding the necessary flavour. The ribs were cooked nicely where the meat was still moist and tender while the outside had a chewy sweet bark.

Lastly, I got a whole BBQ Duck (since it was on special to get a whole duck, so Chinese of me...). The duck was moist and meaty. Most importantly, it was not salty, not even the thigh portion (which usually gets the bulk of the marinade). The skin on the duck was aesthetically pleasing in colour and appearance. I tried a piece right away and the duck skin was nicely rendered. Moreover, the wing portion was edible, unlike some other places where the drumette is merely a throw-away piece. Other than the Roast Pork (which was the lean portion, not their fault), the ribs and duck were pretty good. Definitely above-average.

The Good:
- Glaze for the pork ribs is good
- BBQ Duck well-prepared
- I asked for 2 pounds and I got 2 pounds

The Bad:
- Roast pork was so-so (but it was lean meat though)

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