Sherman's Food Adventures: The Perch

The Perch

*Restaurant is now closed*

Pho. You know, the Vietnamese beef noodle thing. It appears that we seem to do the Pho thing a little too often after Sunday hockey. I guess with the endless options, we could continue our Pho-tastic adventures every week. Seeing how it was National Egg Day, it just didn't seem appropriate to go for soup noodles (unless it involved an egg, such as Nabeyaki Udon...). So we decided on breakfast instead. Wait, I decided on breakfast. As much as that can be an easy thing to do (like make it yourself in your own home), there are times when it can be somewhat interesting - the Red Wagon is one of those such places. However, we weren't in the mood for lining up since we were pretty hungry. Curse you Guy Fieri! So I took a gander at the selection in the neighbourhood and The Perch seemed like a good bet.

The place has an eclectic feel which is part hipster and part not. The brunch menu is small with one feature of the day. It happened to be the Bacon Cheddar Avocado Benny on this particular Sunday. Good enough for me, so that's what I had. Well, that and the fact everyone else picked the other items I was interested in (no duplicates!). With a runny yolk, crispy meaty bacon and ripe avocado, there were all the components for a good benny. In fact, this was an excellent benny because the cheddar Hollandaise was what brought it all together. It was cheesy, rich and had the right amount of acidity. The hashbrowns could've used more browning though.

Mihouse went for my original choice which was the Pulled Pork Hash. He opted for scrambled eggs on top and it was both plentiful and fluffy. The generous amount of pulled pork was fairly moist with some tang and sweetness from the onions. The hash would've been even better if the potatoes were more crisp. JuJu had what was probably the most interesting item in the Bacon & Cheddar Baked Eggs. It may have looked like a lasagne when it first hit the table, yet it was more like a tasty messy cheesy concoction. The abundance of cheddar and bacon guaranteed flavour which incorporated runny eggs and baked beans. Lastly, Kaiser Soze had the standard Breakfast consisting of 2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast. He really liked the thick-cut bacon which was meaty and nicely crisp. Moreover, the over easy egg had a runny yolk despite the appearance of being overcooked. Overall, we were all satisfied with our meals. The prices were reasonable and everything seemed to be executed nicely (except for the hashbrowns). Throw in some genuine service and a funky atmosphere, this place has the potential of a return visit.

The Good:
- Stuff was prepared properly
- Service was friendly and attentive
- Eclectic decor

The Bad:
- Not the most spacious place
- Limited menu (for breakfast)

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