Sherman's Food Adventures: La Chocolaterie

La Chocolaterie

Way back during Christmas, we got a box of chocolates from La Chocolaterie as a present. Within the bag, there was an ice pack and instructions for us to put it into the fridge immediately. Huh? I normally wouldn't put chocolate in the fridge because it just gets all hard and unappealing. Well, these were no regular chocolates I would soon learn. When I opened up the box, it was as if Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat had exploded inside. Rather than a bunch of brown cubes, there was a veritable rainbow of colours. "What kind of chocolates are these?", I asked myself (and oh, how could I not know about them either???). It turns out that these chocolates were from La Chocolaterie within the Izumi-Ya Japanese supermarket (similar to Fujiya).

Included in the box was a colourful selection of chocolates that included flavours such as matcha, blueberry, mango, chocolate and strawberry. The flavours were true without being too sweet while the texture was smooth. Definitely something different. Not satisfied with this sampling, I made my way out to the little store while I was in Richmond. The Lemon Basil caught my eye and it truly delivered. With a texture somewhat reminiscent of cheesecake and flavours of tart, sweet, creamy and herby, this had a unique, yet tasty quality. I was hooked. I'm not a sweets guy, but I'll gladly eat these everyday. Too bad they are located in Richmond. So far away! Oh and that traffic thing too...

The Good:
- Different
- Clean flavours
- Loved the texture

The Bad:
- Pricey
- Needs to be refrigerated (if that matters to you)

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