Sherman's Food Adventures: Deer Garden Signatures

Deer Garden Signatures

When I was first asked to join a Summer hockey league playing out of the Richmond Oval, I hesitated. Man, that is quite the distance from my house! Also, Richmond? Really? And during rush hour? Wow, that is a sacrifice for sure. Well, after being blown out in our game and not to mention being extremely hungry from all the shots I faced, I called upon the one person who I can count on - Mijune. Not exactly though. She wasn't very hungry. Therefore, she'd only be good company while I gorged. I guess that in itself made my trek out to Richmond worthwhile. We decided to visit Deer Garden Signatures since I wanted something soupy while she only wanted a drink. I know, the horror... Mijune NOT wanting to eat.

When I said I was hungry, I meant it! I decided to order 2 noodle soup combos all to myself, including 2 sides! Mijune had one of the drinks though, so I did hold back a bit... I ended up with a Lychee Green Tea while she had a Vanilla Milk Tea. Pretty standard stuff although it would've been nice if they didn't use takeout cups for eating in. Okay, for those who aren't familiar with Deer Garden, their signature item is the Orginal Fish Soup. I went for lai fun as my noodle choice with fish puffs and fish as my toppings. They claim to not use any MSG in the soup and that could partly explain its mildness. Yes, it was pleasant enough, but it was pretty bland. On the other hand, it was a pretty large bowl of food for the price.

For my second bowl, I had the Peanut Sauce and Chili Soup with rice vermicelli. I much preferred this one since it was bursting with flavour. The broth was noticeably peanutty, yet not like a Dan Dan Noodle for instance. The chili sauce with dried shrimp further amped the aromatics. For the 2 toppings, I got beef brisket and ox tongue. I kept offering my tongue to Mijune, but she refused. To bad really since it was moist and tender. Ahem. The brisket was very fatty which made it melt-in-my-mouth tender. This is where our chit-chat got kinda weird. Mijune was discussing the fact that in order to get the full taste of a dish, one needs to get right in there and eat many bites. She equated it to foreplay without the sex. Er... Um... What??? Not wanting to eat and then being lewd... What happened to Mijune???

Anyways, as for the 2 sides, the Pork Chop with Maggi Sauce was surprisingly moist. It had just enough Maggi sauce where it didn't overwhelm the meat. The Desert Wings with Ginger (yes, Desert) were fried beautifully where they were moist on the inside and crisp on the outside. I didn't get a whole lot of ginger, but they were seasoned enough. Believe it or not, I actually dusted off most of the food except for the a bit of noodle and fish soup. The server wondered if I wanted to pack it. My response was, "It's all soft anyways, it's over". To that, Mijune started giggling. Honestly... What's up with that? Did she wake up in the gutter on this day? LOL... Whatever the case, the food was cheap and it did the job.

The Good:
- Good value
- Lots of choice
- Food comes out quick

The Bad:
- It's okay, but not sure if the fish soup is that good
- Naturally, service is rushed and sparse

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Follow Me Foodie said...

omg omg omg omg... please tell me this post is on private. I was scared to keep reading!! I don't even know where to start! I need to go hide!!!

PS: I was only not hungry having come from 1 pulled pork sandwich, 1 beef brisket sandwich, 1 corn, 1 coffee, 1 latte and 3 desserts.

KimHo said...

Obligatory question: Did Viv somehow "censored" or "approved" this before going live? Somehow, I can see her shaking her head now... That aside, I have the odd feeling you were twisting some of the things Mijune said. Or, if she indeed said it with that intent, my guess would be that you have been bad influence!

Anyway, at least there were no meatballs... (Run!)

KimHo said...

Oh, at least you didn't make mention of *where* the restaurant is located. It would have been way too easy. Just saying!

LotusRapper said...

LOL, you guys crack me up !!

Sherman Chan said...

@FMF Hey, I only stated what you said! LOL...

@KimHo I'm only stating facts... Oh right at Sexsmith!

@LR She cracks me up!

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