Sherman's Food Adventures: Paseo


With a 6:45am flight from SeaTac, we were originally planning to drive down at 2:00am. Uh... No. Not only was it a concern we'd fall asleep at the wheel, it also meant nothing to eat that early in the morning (other than places I didn't want to eat at)! Therefore, we decided it would be a good idea to stay over the night before at a hotel where we could also ditch our car. More importantly, we could grab some eats that night as well. Pressed for time, we ended up at a Seattle favourite - Paseo. I know, I know... We were a little late to the party as this place has been blogged to death. Yet, I had to try the place eventually right?

Apparently we were too late on our visit as they ran out of their most popular sandwich (Caribbean Roast). No matter, we went for the second favourite being the Grilled Pork (cubed pork loin grilled over lava rocks & basted w/ Paseo Marinade until golden brown on a lightly toasted baguette slathered with aioli, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeƱos, crisp romaine lettuce & crowned with caramelized onions). The pork was mostly tender except for a part which was dry. Despite this, it wasn't difficult to eat. The same could not be said about the baguette because it was quite hard to a chore to chew. With a good amount of aioli, the darn thing was messy to eat. This was not a bad thing as it added to the experience. The onions were caramelized on the edges only which made them sweet and smoky in parts. The sandwich was good, but not mind-blowing either.

For our second item, we gave the 1/2 Chicken Dinner a go. It included a house salad consisting of romaine lettuce, sliced purple cabbage, pickled julienne cut beets & cilantro sprigs drizzled with house vinaigrette & extra virgin olive oil. Completing the plate was fluffy jasmine rice, vegetarian black beans & seasoned corn on the cob. The dark meat was moist while the white meat was quite dry. The chicken was decently flavourful thanks to the spice rub. However, the star of the place had to be the wonderful black beans. We loved the texture (as it was not too thick nor thin) and there was a depth of flavour. So does Paseo live up to its #1 ranking on Urbanspoon? I'm not sure about that, but it is worth checking out while while in Seattle.

The Good:
- Inexpensive
- Something different

The Bad:
- Not a whole lot of seating, best to get take-out
- Not a whole lot of parking in the area, best to drop someone off to get it


Jacinda said...

I think this place is worth going to - we quite enjoyed both the Caribbean Roast and Roast Pork sandwiches. Super close to the Woodland Park Zoo if you want to take-out and enjoy there! The line sucks, there's no doubt about that. BUT here's the your order ahead like the locals do...then scoot in front of the line when you come to pick up your order. That's how you roll at Paseo's.

Sherman Chan said...

@Jacinda I noticed that while I was eating. Thanks for the tip!

Hungry said...

I too have fallen victim to the "we're out of food" message at Paseo to much heartbreak (thankfully there's always the Ballard location). After quite a few visits, I actually prefer their boneless BBQ chicken sandwich. There just seems to be more flavour to it. As for the bread, sounds like you got the last of the batch, or an older batch. It's usually quite good. Same for the onions - they're borderline heavenly and dreamy - looks like you got a rush batch :-(

Next time you're there (if...), try a roast pork rice plate. Their black beans are fantastic

Unknown said...

Hey Sherman, here is a food tip for you, Next time you are in Seattle you have to go try Serious Pie. This has to be the best Pizza I have ever tasted. Its a Seattle institution. Chears

Sherman Chan said...

I totally agree!!! I've been trying for a long time to go there but it has never fit my schedule. I'll be down in August and hope to try some of Tom Douglas' pies!!! And hopefully some donuts across the street too! :)

Hungry said...

RE: Serious Pie - agreed. It's the best pizza crust I've ever had - BUT you must go to the original downtown location on 4th. The second location doesn't quite have their game down. Also, they offer happy hour between 3-5 on weekdays where you can get "mini" pies meaning you can order everything on the menu and not have to wonder how Mijune does it

Unknown said...

Just a note must try the truffle cheese and Mushroom. Some of the other pie was not as good as this one. was not impress by the sauage and peppers.

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