Sherman's Food Adventures: HK BBQ Master

HK BBQ Master

If memory serves me right (gosh, sounds like the original Iron Chef...), HK BBQ Master used to be in Coquitlam. If I am indeed right, then I have fond memories. Really solid Chinese BBQ items that people would lineup for, especially during Chinese New Year. Well, since it's in Richmond now, I haven't gotten a chance to blog about it. It's too far and well, it's in Richmond. Incidentally, everything I dislike about Richmond traffic reared it's ugly head today and well, let's just leave it at that. If I had to rant, this post would last a week.

So on our way out of Richmond (whew...), Costanza and I stopped by HK BBQ Master, located in the covered Superstore parkade. No, it's not the sexiest of storefronts; but it does the job. I decided to get 2 of their most popular items: Roast Pork and BBQ Pork. By just looking at it, the roast pork looks absolutely delicious. With a crisp, golden brown skin giving way to alternating layers of meat and melt-in-your mouth fat, this is money. I tried one almost right away and it had all those visual qualities in my mouth having a nice pork flavour with some saltiness.

If that weren't enough, the BBQ Pork, in my mind, was even better. With a nice sweet caramelized glaze and a touch of burnt ends, the tender fatty pork was delicious. Even with all the fat, the pork was not difficult to chew and just enough flavour to not make the pork taste like candy. Honestly, this exemplifies what good Chinese BBQ is about. Oh how I miss this. It's so far away. I have to suffer with T&T BBQ... Just not the same. I may need to brave Richmond and do it again soon.

The Good:
- Expertly executed BBQ meats
- Good portions with the eat-in dishes I observed

The Bad:
- Just like Memphis Blues, it ain't diet food
- A bit pricier than other places (but worth it!)

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KimHo said...

Oh, c'mon, you love to drive to Richmond. I mean, who would calculate how long it would take to drive from their work place to Richmond just to have a bowl of ramen? :P

Yeah, the pork is good. And, to make it even better, you can just have some rice right there and call it lunch!

happydiner said...

Better than most bbq pork and roast ducks. The fact that I saw a familiar face on the tv screen when CTV or Globaltv aired a story on tempered scales & shortchanged customers, didn't prevent me. :p
Just learned that the bbq stall @ Yaohan Center has crispy skinned roast ducks; I must check out that one.

Perhaps being a regular there, I was offered pork bones (w/plenty of meat) cheaply; tasty soup @home.

Sherman Chan said...

Kim, I grudgingly go to Richmond because there is a lot of good food there. LOL...

Happydiner, yup, they did shortchange people in the past. But when I asked for 1 lbs of each, I got almost exactly that. So maybe things have changed? Thanks for the tip about the stall @ Yaohan, will check it out!

Simon said...

i would usually pickup the lunch box with either the roast pork & char siu or roast duck & char siu for my flight. most of it will be gone before i reach the gate. this is one of my favorite places to dine at whenever i have a longer stay in yvr; too bad it's not closer to the hotel but the walk is definately worth it.

holly said...

This place has the best roast pork and char siu in the Lower Mainland, bar none.

The crispy skinned duck at Yaohan sounds like it's worth checking out.

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