Sherman's Food Adventures: Bakesale Betty

Bakesale Betty

What's with these places with no signage whatsoever in the Bay Area? First, there was Tartine, with it's plain exterior, and now it's Bakesale Betty. In fact, they are much the same. Big windows, black tile and bustling with activity inside and outside. Normally, a visit to BSB would require lining up in a queue that could scare some people. However, Sal and I made the trek early on a Tuesday morning @ 9:00am. Not only did we get a parking spot near the front, there was no lineup. So what's the deal with the lineup anyways? Well, there is this very popular Fried Chicken Sandwich... A fried chicken sandwich at 9:00am??? Yes, we're dedicated eaters. With ironing boards doubling as tables lining the sidewalk outside of BSB, we were already put into a whimsical mood. Sal has been here before, lining up for the sandwich and other tasty treats. She got a couple of cookies this time around; but I had my sights set only on the sandwich. I would've considered getting some scones or even a slice of apple pie if we weren't going to Cheeseboard afterwards. However, once we got the sandwich, I immediately knew that no other food was necessary. The thing is absolutely enormous! Even splitting half with Sal was not enough to substantially lessen the quantity of food. Stuffed in between the soft but rest 4 large pieces of crispy fried chicken topped with marinated cabbage, peppers and onions. Too bad the chicken wasn't freshly fried, otherwise it would've been even better. Whatever the case, I wasn't complaining, a fried chicken sandwich early in the morning is a treat. If you thought this was strange, wait til you read the next post. How about adding some pizza to the already consumed fried chicken sandwich? Yup, call me a food rebel...

The Good:
- Reasonably-priced
- Great fried chicken sandwich!
- It's quirky

The Bad:
- Usually a lineup
- Only a modest selection of products

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KimHo said...

That sandwich looks good! With so much chicken, you could have easily plucked those pieces out and eat them as fried chicken instead. Now, where the pieces dark meat or white meat? By the looks of it, it seems they are white... Oh, while I think still hot fried chicken tastes good, you must also give some credit to cold fried chicken. It is a difference experience on its own, hehehehe.

Sherman Chan said...

It was good! And big! It was all white meat. I still wish it was piping hot.

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