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Cascade Room

I've been looking forward to this hockey game for awhile. Tonight, the only 2 undefeated teams were going to battle it out. It was a pretty even game and both teams were playing well. The final score was 1-0 for us. Yes, I got a shutout; but the other team also hit 4 posts. Let's just say if I were to have irregularity issues later, it's due to the horseshoes stuck up my a**. After the game, I had a list of places that we could go to grab some eats. Of course, it amused everyone that I would actually have a list of restaurants with all their closing times. Moreover, I had a wide variety of cuisines so that we had choice. Silent Bob finally spoke up (is that an oxymoron?) and suggested that we go for North American cuisine. He's not into the wonton noodle thing after hockey. I would tend to agree, it just doesn't seem right... We decided (with my persuasiveness) to head to the Cascade Room on Main Street. If you've even driven by, you can't miss the big neon signage in the front.

Not really knowing if there was dessert, I promised Ketchup and Sweet Tooth that there was indeed dessert. I crossed my fingers in hopes that my calculated guess was right, otherwise I'd have 2 angry ladies in my midst. When we all arrived, there were no tables and we considered heading to another destination. Ketchup and Sweet Tooth suggested we head to Burgoo up the street. However, I was sure it closed at 10:00. A quick call confirmed this. I really must have issues, I know all the closing times of random restaurants? Shortly after that, our waiting paid off and we got a nice cozy table. At first, the menus did not have any desserts whatsoever. I was beginning to sweat. Just as I was preparing myself for Sweet Tooth to run me over with her Land Rover, a dessert menu appeared! Saved! For myself, I had no interest in sweets. Rather, Boss Woman and I shared a Sausage Pizza (somehow that doesn't sound right...) and Calamari. The pizza was pretty good. Crust was thin, not oily and a bit chewy. There was no shortage of meat on the pizza which ultimately made it robust and hearty. On the other hand, the calamari was a bit disappointing. Most of it was in massive clumps of batter which was not all that crispy. At least there was lots of it (not sure if that was a good thing) and the squid itself was tender.

Both Silent Bob and Milhouse had the Pemberton Meadows Burger. Both thought it was cooked perfectly and juicy despite not appearing to be. There was a large portion of crunchy fries served with the burger. Milhouse substituted his fries for Polenta Fries at a cost of $2.00 more. Rocket also had the polenta fries and she offered to share some. I think I ate at least 3 of them because they were so good. And when I say 3, it was substantial because those suckers were huge! Fried crispy on the outside and extremely fluffy on the inside, these were a fan favourite. Lionel Hutz went for the Tagliatelle Amatriciana which surely looked good when it arrived. Luckily it arrived while he was in the washroom, I took advantage of it. I took multiple pictures which I normally do not get to do with his food. He thought the pasta was pretty good with al dente noodles and a plethora of tender pork cheek pieces.

Ketchup only joined us for one thing - dessert. She chose the Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. It had an intoxicating aroma but the actual cake was only so-so. Not really all that moist or chocolaty, this was a miss. Sweet Tooth got the Creme Brulee with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. This was better with a crunchy top and soft custard. Although there was supposed to be Bailey's, she didn't detect any. Furthermore, we weren't sure how the cookies complimented the brulee other than than a textural contrast. However, most of us agreed that the Cascade Room is a decent place to grab some eats. Prices are reasonable, food is generally decent and there is an extensive drinks menu.

The Good:
- Huge drinks menu
- Reasonably-priced
- Trendy, comfortable and good service

The Bad:
- Some misses with the food

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zud said...

so what is up with this pemberton meat from a couple of your posts? a quick google search indicates this is one of those "petted to death' type farms, er i mean where they treat the animals really nicely before going off to the great feedlot in the sky.

anyways, this kind of meat often tastes tough or gamey i've heard, so what are your impressions?

joking aside i am all for improved treatment of farm animals b/c some of the stuff you read or hear about is pretty sick.

Sherman Chan said...

Well... from my experience and others who have eaten it (at least in this blog) indicate that there isn't a real noticeable difference. I suppose it was prepared correctly? We didn't notice any extra gaminess or being tough. But I'm sure we need to try it more until we reach a conclusion.

Anson said...

Hey Sherman,

I love the sarcastic humour you're adding into your blogs. Thanks for the review.

Maybe you gotta change the alias Silent Bob to something else.


Sherman Chan said...

Thanks Anson! I guess I'm taking more "risks". Trying to walk that thin line of funny/distasteful. I'm trying not to cross it!

trisha said...

polenta fries?? sold! i wish there were more places that offered them.

btw i like the humour too... you always make me chuckle and i don't even know these people. :P

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