Sherman's Food Adventures: Showdogs


What exactly is a "showdog"? Is it merely a dog that can trot elegantly for all the judges to see? Or is it a dog that can jump through hoops and do tricks on the Leno? How about a dog that "wants to be a dancer", but ends up as a Vegas casualty? Oh wait, that was Showgirls... How about none of the above? This Showdog is neither one that can jump through hoops nor trot majestically. In fact, there is no real refinement in its location on Market at Golden Gate Ave. No, it's not the most attractive of areas; but if you look past that, there is hot dog waiting for you.

Wait, these are not the usual dogs. Unlike Elizabeth Berkeley, these dogs are dressed... to the tilt with not-your-usual toppings. With so many to choose from, I merely asked what is the best one if I had only one to eat? The confident answer was the Smoked Chicken Apple with Apple Chutney and Arugula. Actually, that sounded kind of good since I was planning on having a burger not too long after. I gotta say, it looked impressive when I picked it up from the counter. With a mound of apple chutney and arugula hiding the chicken frank, this is no ordinary dog. One bite into the darn thing and honestly, all I could taste was apple chutney. Boy, was it sweet. I immediately made a face similar to how I reacted while watching Showgirls. However, it wasn't one of disgust necessarily (for the movie yes). Rather, it was just the shock of so much sweet and tartness. Once I got past the initial shock, eating the hot dog was quite pleasant. The sweetness really went well with the juicy chicken dog. I also liked the bun, it was soft and a bit crispy on the outside. All-in-all, I liked the hot dog. I didn't love it; but at least the T & A in Showdogs is much less in-your-face than Showgirls.

The Good:
- Creative toppings
- Freshly made-to-order
- Decently comfortable restaurant

The Bad:
- Not the prettiest of areas
- These dogs are not cheap

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KimHo said...

So, Sherman, this is the start of your post from San Fran??? :D

The hot dog looks interesting but it begs the question: how does it compare to Japadog? Or are we comparing, ahem, apples to oranges?

Sherman Chan said...

That's right Kim, it's a quiet start to the gluttony you'll get to read about in the next little while. The dog was good and there are some interesting ones, but... Japadog is better and cheaper. Yah, they're totally different... Ahem...

shokutsu said...

Sometimes your prose is just hilarious and makes me forget I'm reading a food story and not a humor column, this one's another of your smile inducing best. :)

Sherman Chan said...

LOL. Thanks shokutsu!

Chris said...

I second shokutsu's thoughts. You seem to bring a smile to the day. Of course, with that smile comes a craving for hot dogs *Shakes Fist*

Sherman Chan said...

Chris, thanks for the kind words! Hehe...

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