Sherman's Food Adventures: Out the Door

Out the Door

Alright, after eating a meat cone from Boccalone Tasty Salted Pig Parts, I was a happy man; yet not a completely satisfied man. I needed more food! What to have? Yes, there are many choices at the Ferry Building; but I really wasn't in the "sweets" mood. That eliminates half of the vendors right off the bat. I walked back and forth trying to decide what to eat. Another meat cone? Brilliant idea! But I needed variety. There was a caviar bar that intrigued me until I saw the price. No thanks. Finally I decided to give Out of the Door a go. It's the take out, fast food outlet of the Slanted Door Vietnamese restaurant.

I have heard that their sandwiches are really good; but I didn't want anything heavy since there was some cheese tasting and tasting pavilion later. Furthermore, the sandwiches are not available during the morning hours anyways. One thing that struck me was that the food was not really all that Vietnamese because I ended up with 2 dishes we most often associate with Chinese cuisine - Duck Congee and a Steamed Chicken Bun. Whatever the case, the congee was both thick and full of tender duck. It was a bit sweeter than I am used to; but it was flavourful nonetheless. I wasn't really into the chicken bun. It wasn't exactly bad; yet it was similar to most other steamed chicken buns I've had. Too bad I didn't get to sample their sandwiches since it was not quite lunch yet. In terms of authenticity, I'm sure that is not really what they are about anyways. The Slanted Door, which is their parent restaurant, is more fusion than true Vietnamese food. I guess one should expect something similar with Out the Door as well.

The Good:
- It's quick
- The food I had was pretty solid

The Bad:
- Especially with the food I had, not sure if it's necessarily Vietnamese (even for fusion)
- A little bit pricey for what you get

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