Sherman's Food Adventures: Boccolone Tasty Salted Pig Parts

Boccolone Tasty Salted Pig Parts

On my first go around in the Ferry Marketplace, I noticed a store named Boccalone "Tasty Salted Pig Parts". Now with a name like that, I just knew I was going to love it. C'mon, what's better than tasty pork products? This place is surely a pork lover's paradise. They have everything from cured meats to lard soap. Lard soap? To me at least, how do you get clean by lathering up with lard? Well, at least you'll suddenly seem more tasty, much like how Kramer slathered himself with Butter in an episode of Seinfeld. Although Newman wanted to eat him afterwards... Anyways, there is a nice selection of sandwiches and even lard cookies (uh... yum?) here. I didn't want to spoil my appetite for more food, so I went for the meat cone. Yes, that's right folks, a cone that is made of meat! What can be better than a cone of meat? For $3.25, I got a random trio of pork. If you pay a buck more, you can choose your meats.

The first sliced meat was an absolutely delicious Orange & Fennel Salami. There was no shortage of fennel in this salami with just a hint of orange. Moreover, it melted in my mouth. That's what pork fat does best! Second was the Pistachio Mortabella. Exhibiting similarities to a summer sausage, it was mostly sweet with a salty and nutty component thanks to the pistachios. Lastly, was the Prosciutto Cotto which resembled meaty corned beef. It wasn't too salty and had a good meaty texture and flavour. I also got the sample the Nduja which is a spreadable spicy salami. You gotta love that, meat that you can spread. Reminds me of cheese that can be dispensed out of a can (Easy Cheese), but let's not go there... Crackers, bread, chips and your tongue could all be used as a vessel for this delicious concoction. I tried it and I loved it. Smooth, spicy and salty, I would spread this on a plate and lick it if I had to.

The Good:
- If you like pork products...
- Reasonable prices
- It's fun

The Bad:
- Lard cookies and chips fried in lard... need I say more?

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gigi said...

Yum, this place sounds and looks delicious. Like you, I am also a sucker for tasty pork parts :) I will definitely need to visit the next time I'm in the bay area!

Sherman Chan said...

Yes, pork products... mmm... So many great eats in San Fran!

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